Nowadays, most of the company use Content Management System (CMS) to develop their website. Content Management System is software that facilitates the creation, organization, manipulation, and removal of information in the form of images, documents, scripts and plain text.  Drupal become one of the comprehensive CMS systems available because it has a better programmer’s platform than a simple CMS script.  Drupal is free open source content management system that can be used by individuals or group of users to create and manage a website.  Israk has more than 12 years experience in Drupal and provides comprehensive Drupal Training in Malaysia. Check us out.

  • Drupal is SEO friendly. This SEO is important to increase the number of people visit your website. This also as the strategy to market your business.
  • Drupal has a variety of content type that allowing you to create and manage many content types such as videos, user management, news, text, blog, and others.
  • Drupal allows you to categorize your content through URL addresses, paths and making your own lists that give easier for you to manage, search and reuse website content.
  • Easier to assign roles and privilege to a different member of staff. This privilege gives the permission to the staff which the content on the website they can access.
  • Ease of use for a non-technical person to managing the site.
  • It’s a great solution for people who want to build a feature-rich website and for large enterprises.