Today, there are many open source technologies on the market. In this article, it compares the differences between OpenCart and Magento. The OpenCart and Magento have many similarities. Both of them are e-commerce platform which is built on open source technology and they can support multiple languages. They are developed in PHP and use a template to upload products. So, no need programmers to handle OpenCart and Magento. Besides, they are rich in resources such as extensions, add-on products and plugins that can easily be added to support new functions.


OpenCart Pros :

  • Easy to use
  • It has a huge community
  • Easy installation
  • Templates, plugin, and add-ons are considerably cheaper than Magento1
  • The front and back facilities are faster

OpenCart Cons :

  • Limited API functionality
  • Limited caching and SEO functions
  • Moderate community size

Magento Pros :

  • Advanced SEO friendly
  • Extensive community
  • Powerful, robust and scalable.
  • Offer products across multiple sites and vendors.

Magento Cons :

  • Hosting cost
  • Performance much dependent on hosting
  • First-time installation is rare for new Magento users.
  • Limited caching