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Touchscreen Software
- Web-based with CMS backend
- HTML5, CSS with graphics & animation rich
- Mobile friendly
- High responsive and fast
- Visually appealing custom interface

Interactive Kiosk

Our MultiTouch Interactive Kiosk is designed for user interaction with 6 / 10 touches interface(Depend on Brand) . It have 2 type, Built-In Touch Screen or using Overlay Touch Screen Panel. It is most suitable to be used for below application. 

  • Corporate Information Kiosk
  • Convert the Digital Signage to Interactive
  • Digital products catalogue by putting all the products datasheet in this kiosk.
  • Hotel lobby for visitor welcome and also browsing
  • Car Showroom
  • Airport Information
  • E-Newspaper
  • E-Tender for goverment sector


Touchscreen solution could be an answer. A touch screen is a computer display screen that is also an input device which you can interact by using your finger or pointing devices. This is because the touchscreen is sensitive to pressure. There are multi-touch, double touch or single touch display screen. If you are familiar with a smartphone such as iPhone or iPad, this is basically a larger version of that. With these tools, we are offered the convenience of having an input and output device. We can save much on space as well as time and effort as we go through the task that we have to do. This also allows us to save on the cost of peripheral devices such as the mouse keyboard. This is because a touchscreen will be able to carry out all the functions of computing just with the use of one machine. And they come in handy both for big and small companies who are looking for more effective ways to handle operations.

Touchscreen Software and Customization Service

A comprehensive selection of multitouch solution for business, entertainment, and learning.

We provide content development and customization based on Web-based HTML5 with backend CMS. We also do Flash-based content development which capable to offer more intuitive user interface (UI). You may choose which solution best suit you depending on your requirement and scenario. Our solution creates powerful interactive experiences at office lobby, trade shows, product launches, pitches and sales meetings. It offers high impact and memorable interactive experiences are at your fingertips. Our services include graphic designs and customization to meet your need. Learn more ...

What are the Advantages of Touchscreen Technology?

Touchscreen technology like by everyone because it allows faster access to the system or computer, data-entry and order processing. It is simpler to use than the tradition computers; and facilitates lesser work such as reduced hand movements of mouse clicking. For a service provider, it is very trendy and interesting to have one. So, let's work something out to have a touchscreen display in your organization!
It will be a great addition to your Digital Signage display.

We takes interactive display technology to the next level by combining uncompromising multi-touch performance, brilliant high-definition graphics, wide viewing angles and elegant product design into a fully-integrated, easy-to-use multi-touch monitor.

With brilliant commercial Samsung/LG LED panel, it offers Full HD resolution 1920 x 1080 built-in with 6 points touch capabilities. Unlike IR overlay touchscreen frame, this is integrated touchscreen monitor combine the function of LED display and touch capability. In addition, you have the option for built-in CPU running Windows or Android. This Touch Screen Monitor is built with a coated iron and toughened glass aimed to be long-lasting and durable. So, if you want get the Touch Screen Monitor In Malaysia, please contact us NOW!!! 

Competitive Advantage :

A stand-alone / built-in touch screen with player with black full toughened glass to protect the LCD Panel,also with decorative screws to make it perfect and luxury.For the full-toughened glass, the silk-screen technology is adopted for better quality and better appearance. This Touch Screen Monitor is also designed with wall mounted board for mounting function,and also with VESA holes for your own bracket.

Touchscreen Monitor

Touch Screen Monitor Key Features :

  1. Convenient use, less cabling and avoid errors.
  2. Elegant design & delicate appearance. Ipad style
  3. Standard VESA, easy to install on standard TV bracket
  4. Metal shell, ultra-slim design ensure durable and confident look
  5. Native support for Full HD 1080P 1920 x 1080 display
  6. Adopt USB memory card to update signage files


Touch Screen Monitor Description :

  1. Outer shell is made by extra quality metal material, Color for Outer Shell: Shinning Black.
  2. With 3mm thickness tempered glass as protection layer against the sureface of LCD screen.
  3. Full New LG or Samsung ( Made in Korea) A Grade Stardard LCD Panel.
  4. Support SD card or USB port at one player; it is optional for VGA Port, S-video port and HDMI port.
  5. Safely locking system function to avoid flash memory card and advertising playing contents being taken away, also can be protected by password.
  6. With USB update feature; support functions between the card and card copying files (such as CF card to SD card,or SD to CF card etc.); support U-copy, conveniently and quickly updating target content, more details please visit user manual.
  7. Playing advertising program automatically and circular; support media format: JPEG (JPG), MP3, AVI, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, VOB and DIVX (5.0/6.0).
  8. Playlists support functions, can set different folders, copy all target files to those different folders, system would default to play your target file one by one.
  9. Capable of setting rolling caption on the screen, playing rolling caption in the advertisement program.
  10. Build-in clock and calendar function in the system of player.
  11. Support 5 groups of auto power-on/off timer, able to set those 5 groups of time one day and 7 days in one week.
  12. Support shockproof and dustproof function.

Touchscreen Monitor

Touchscreen monitor

Touchscreen monitor

Touchscreen monitor

Touchscreen Monitor Specification.

We carry different sizes from 40" -  55" touchscreen monitor with optional builtin-CPU. Key selling points : Contact us for details.


LED display specification Touchscreen Monitor

 LED Brand

 LG/Samsung Professional LED Panel


 40, 48 and 55 inch



 Display area

 1210mm(H) x682mm(V)

 Dot Pitch

 0.63mm(H) x 0.63mm(W)

 Max Resolution


 Number of colors




 Response Time




 Using Life

 Above 50000 hours


 Using Life

 Above 50000 hours


 Standard Built-in PC motherboard ( You may request custom specification)


 Industrial motherboard LH81 support asynchronous display in both groups



 Intel ® Core ™ i3


 500 GB 7200 RPM hard drive



 DDR3/4 GB, 1066/1333 MHZ memory particles


 380 w power supply industry mechanical and electrical source


 Fan: service for whole copper radiator Dual ball turbofan 4 wire speed



Turn any screen or existing LED/LCD TV into Overlay Touchscreen


Israk Overlay touch screen adopts the newest technology-infrared technology which could be added on your normal TV and make it touchable. It is a new solution which special designs for different sizes normal monitors and makes the display to interactive touch monitor. Israk Overlay Touch Screens have 300 point/s high speed and make sure the touch screen monitor fluency and vivid. It Support all Windows Operation System. Suitable for kiosk or any touch screen application. While this a cost effective solution, please also checkout our Touchscreen Monitor for more robust and elegant solution. It also comes with an optional built-in CPU running Windows. While stock last!!


Overlay Touch screen kit Specificaton:

Specification Overlay




The Touchscreen Kiosk (Horizontal design) is perfect for retail, showroom, shopping mall, lobbies and many more place. It can be actract people to do something at your kiosk.

It can also display the Digital Signage content without touch as your requirement. We offer many options for your Touchscreen Kiosk project. From size 40" to 55" inch, non touch or fully touch, we can provide to you.

If you interested your Touchscreen Kiosk (Tilted design), please call us NOW for more information.