4K UHD 65’’ Corporate Interactive Flat Panel Display | RP653K

For More Intuitive, Effortless and Smarter Corporate Presentations
BenQ corporate RP653K interactive flat panel (IFP) stylishly incorporates two front-facing speakers and a pen tray, making it ideal for small to medium sized meeting spaces. Some innovative smartboard features include 10-point multi-touch, 4K resolution, and the built-in software InstaQShare which can enable wireless presentation. These features allow RP653K to facilitate intuitive collaboration while enhancing interactivity.

benq smartboard


Foster Collaboration: Effective Meetings Wherever, Whenever

EZWrite 4.0 Lite: Efficient and Collaborative Meetings at a Touch
benq smartboard
Intelligent Handwriting Recognition

Introducing EZWrite 4.0 Lite’s newly added advanced handwriting recognition feature, it allows users to convert text, numbers, forms, and drawings into highly legible materials without having to switch modes, while performing calculation and geometric functions for efficient professional meetings.


benq smartboard
Access Diverse Files on the Fly

EZWrite 4.0 Lite directly opens a wide range of files, and image files for convenient annotations in productive meetings without the need for external PCs.



Floating Toolbar

A floating on-screen menu works on any input source including Android™ apps, allowing participants to quickly access frequently used tools such as EZWrite 4.0 Lite’s whiteboard mode, annotation tools, eraser, and color selection for a smooth meeting flow.




All meeting results and progress can be saved as .pdf or .png files and shared by scanning a QR code, which remains available for 30 minutes to avoid information leakage. For added convenience, meeting data can be printed from any printer on the network or saved on a USB flash drive for easy information access anytime, anywhere.




Tool Box

Dynamic tool box include features such as Calculator, Geometry Recognition, Timer, Buzzer, Score Board, and Draw Lots that empower leaders to create rich, vibrant, and fun meetings and trainings.


benq smartboard
Share and Collaborate with Wireless Solution

Integrated into BenQ corporate RP653K, the InstaQShare app enables simple wireless presentation and collaboration by screen mirroring. Simply by launching the InstaQShare host app on the IFP and downloading the client app onto an Android, iOS, Mac, or Windows device, up to 16 meeting participants can instantly stream photos, music, presentations, and Full HD videos smoothly.

In addition, BenQ InstaShow™ wireless presentation system and QCast WiFi dongle accommodate diverse BYOD needs. With zero software, InstaShow can simply be plugged into a laptop for instant wireless collaboration at the touch of a button with enterprise-class security. Alternatively, QCast dongle allows Full HD wireless streaming from any laptop, iOS, or Android device.

Efficient Real-Time Video Conference across Borders with Zoom

With the pre-installed Zoom video conferencing software, RP653K Smartboard facilitates effective communication for international corporations without external PCs, training, or complicated server setup. Zoom enables high-quality video conferencing across multiple devices, connecting teams across the globe at minimal cost with a quick click on the invitation URL and meeting ID input. Zoom* enables powerful screen and content sharing across devices including BenQ IFPs, PCs, Macs, tablets, and smartphones. Employees can even annotate on the shared screen for interactive discussions.
* Zoom video conferencing requires an installation of camera and microphone.

benq smartboard

Friendly Design: Unrivaled Compatibility, Ease of Use, and Safety

Healthier Meetings through Eye-Care Technology
Designed with employees' eyesight in mind, the RP653K is built with proprietary eye-care technology in order to deliver a zero-flicker viewing experience with ultra-low blue light emission. This can prevent eyestrain, eye fatigue and macular degeneration associated with extended sessions in front of a display.

In addition, advanced anti-glare screen treatment minimizes distracting reflections and glare for optimal productivity and comfort.
benq smartboard


Energy-Saving Operation through Power Saving Mode
Utilizing a smart sensor, power saving mode activates when BenQ IFPs detect no presenters are standing in front of the screen, which intelligently reduces power consumption when not in use.
benq smartboard

Integrated Front-Facing Speaker and Pen Tray

The seamless integration of two front-facing speakers and pen tray makes multimedia content more engaging while enhancing the overall productivity during meetings.



Multi-Platform Compatibility

Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome, BenQ’s RP653K can seamlessly present content from any device with the plug-and-play simplicity.




Custom Android™ Apps for Business Presentations

Loaded with powerful business apps including WPS Office, Web Browser and Media Player, BenQ RP653K can quickly access, edit, and save various documents, online sources, and videos without using unauthorized apps.


Multiple Connectivity


Media USB and OPS ports are integrated into the IFP bezel for maximum connectivity and a user-friendly experience. The HDMI out port allows users to extend their home screen, while the OPS port accepts x86 and Windows systems to enhance IFP functionality. For maximum versatility, RP653K also features ports for WiFi dongles and HDMI 2.0.
*WiFi dongles and OPS are only sold in selected regions. Please contact your local sales representative for detailed information.


Driver-Free Touch Technology for
Instant Plug and Play


BenQ IFP’s touch technology is totally driver-free. By connecting the RP653K to a PC via USB, employees can instantly touch the screen to start presenting.


Recommended Apps via “BenQ Suggest”


The RP653K incorporates several recommended Android apps into BenQ Suggest, which further expand the IFP’s potential by simplifying app updates and downloading in the future.



Hassle-Free Maintenance: Always Ready for Display Productivity

Multiple Display Administrator (MDA) Software

Multiple Display Administrator (MDA) software enables remote management of a full array of BenQ RP653K and a wide range of third-party displays. Through Ethernet or serial connection, MDA provides centralized control for IT personnel to schedule on/off times and monitor real-time display status to minimize cost, time, and effort associated with adjusting and maintaining individual units.
* On/off time scheduling is only available with selected models.

Corporate Internet Security Control

To avoid possible corporate internet security breach caused by accessing websites containing inappropriate content, BenQ IFPs allow corporate IT personnel to block access to certain websites by configuring proxy server settings. This feature guarantees that corporate internet remains at a high security level.




EasySetting allows IT personnel to install Android™ apps onto a wide selection of displays automatically through BenQ’s cloud server, dramatically saving time and effort via one-time configuration of multiple displays in different locations.




Over-the-Air Updates (OTA)

Over-the-air update feature simplifies display firmware and driver updates. On startup, BenQ IFPs automatically detect updates and deploy firmware upgrades with a few easy steps to maintain smooth operation and peak performance.