A Smartboard software that offer efficient and collaborative meetings at a touch.

Introducing EZWrite 4.0's newly added advanced handwriting recognition feature, it allows users to convert text, numbers, forms, and drawings into highly legible materials without having to switch modes, while performing calculation and geometric functions for efficient professional meetings.

EZWrite 4.0: An Easy and Fun Annotation Solution

EZWrite 4.0, pre-installed exclusively on BenQ’s Interactive Smartboard, is the ultimate annotation app that is designed to facilitate interactive learning with a tap. EZWrite 4.0 instantly turns the interactive flat panel into a full-size whiteboard for illustrating ideas, recording notes, brainstorming, and more. More than just taking notes, EZWrit 4.0 also comes with all sorts of tools that can encourage cooperation and participation. It’s accessible and easy to use for both teachers and students.