Arvia Interactive Smartboard 4K IR Touch Panel ARV100

Powerful yet cost-effective 4K UHD TV Interactive panel display with tempered glass. IR multi-touch technology and aluminum front frame/thin body. Optional dual OS android and Windows Operating System with custom specification available

Arvia Interactive Smartboard 4K ITO Capacitive Touch ARV300

Superior performance and intuitive touch performance. 4K UHD LCD display External tempered glass. ITO multi-touch technology with proprietary intellectual property rights. Aluminum front frame/thin body.

Keyboard / Joystick for Controlling PTZ camera

A network(IP Based) PTZ camera controller, is fully compatible with many PTZ video conference camera coding protocols from the main manufacturers in the market, supporting ONVIF, VISCA, Serial port VISCA, PELCO-D/P protocols and etc. This compact camera controller features a high-quality joystick that allows variable speed control, as well as fast camera switching, quick-set camera parameters, and so on. The industrial-grade blue screen LCD module has an excellent display effect with fine and clear characters.

Arvia Video Conferencing PTZ Camera ARV-VC200

4K, EPTZ, Wide Angle, Metal Case. This product is a new 4K UHD ePTZ video conference camera. It is built with AI functions, which can automatically frame all people in the meeting and make them at the middle of the scene.It also has perfect functions and superior performance, which adopts advanced ISP processing algorithms so as to provide vivid images with evenly clear brightness, strong color layering, high resolution, and fantastic color rendition. Easy and convenient to install and maintain, stable and reliable.

Arvia Video Conferencing PTZ Camera ARV-VC540

Full HD HDMI PTZ Camera with 2X, 20X, 30X Optical Zoom. HDMI, 3G-SDI, LAN, RS232,RS485. USB3.0, DVI(HDMI), LAN, RS232(IN), A-IN

Arvia Video Conferencing PTZ Camera ARV-VC950

Full HD HDMI PTZ Camera with 2X, 20X, 30X Optical Zoom. HDMI, 3G-SDI, LAN, RS232,RS485. USB3.0, DVI(HDMI), LAN, RS232(IN), A-IN

Arvia Video Conferencing PTZ Camera ARV-VC580

FullHD NDI IP Camera 12x 20x 30x Optical Zoom PTZ NDI for Live Broadcasting - SDI USB HDMI. HDMI, 3G-SDI,LAN (POE), CVBS,RS232in/out,RS485 A-IN

Arvia Video Conferencing PTZ Camera ARV-VC420

8MP Blackmagic 4K 60FPS IP PoE  1/2.5'' 4K Sony CMOS sensor; 8.51 Megapixel, 16: 9  5X , 12X Optical Zoom. Interface: HDMI usb3.0,Lan,A-in

Temperature Scanner for Turnstile Access with Face Recognition AI

Ground-breaking temperature scanner and face recognition terminals for corporate offices for improving building operations, workforce management, and safety operations as well as automatic fever screening system.

7" Temperature Scanner with Built-In Facial Recognition Terminal

This product is based on the android system, installed with face recognition and temperature measurement application. The built-in face recognition camera module and infrared temperature detector, capable of personnel access management and temperature detection