AW-RP150 Touchscreen Remote Camera Controller

– Large touchscreen for easy usability
– New joystick for one-handed operation
– Simplified PTZ camera presets and tracing memory
– Intuitive design elements based on direct feedback from everyday robotic camera operators
– 3G-SDI Active Through Output, 5 x RS-422, LAN PoE+, 2 x GPIOs


AW-RP150 Advanced Camera Controller for Panasonic PRO PTZ Robotic Cameras

The AW-RP150 is a full-featured camera controller, allowing camera operators to get the most out of their Panasonic robotic cameras. This controller is the perfect choice for large multi-camera video productions, such as live TV broadcasts and livestreams. A range of advanced features make the RP150 the flagship camera controller in the lineup, and an ideal companion to the AW-UE150 PRO PTZ performance camera model.

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Camera Monitoring via SDI

An SDI source can be viewed on the integrated screen. Easily switch between camera video output and settings / menu operation for quick on-the-fly adjustments.

aw rp150 features 1
aw rp150 features 2

Touchscreen Interface

The touch panel GUI monitor supports camera image display during shooting as well as a variety of operations. The panel is equipped only with buttons that are frequently used, with menu and camera switching operations, indicators and other functions consolidated in the touch panel GUI.

Touch Focus / Focus Assist

An advanced touchscreen interface allows for touch focus adjustments and provides precision focus assist with peaking. The focus is quickly aligned to the area touched by tapping the screen. In addition, the Focus in Red display assists with aligning focus by framing the part that is in-focus in red.

aw rp150 features 3
aw rp150 features 4

Single Handed Operation

Control PRO PTZ cameras using one hand. The joystick has a built-in zoom rocker (for controlling PTZ zoom or focus), which allows for ultra-precise camera movements. Remote camera pan, tilt, and zoom control have been integrated into a single joystick on the AW-RP150, allowing for some of the smoothest moves possible. Simultaneously zoom in/out as you frame up a live shot.

4K Crop Frame Control

The 3 frames of the 4K video cropping function can be set and controlled using the joystick and viewed on the integrated monitor. The cropping function loaded on the AW-UE150 can be controlled from the AW-RP150. Images output from the AW-UE150 to the monitor can be cropped in three different locations displayed with colored frames (yellow/ green/magenta), and fine-tuned with the joystick as you watch. Required images can be cropped precisely and simply.

aw rp150 features 5