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Digital Signage Floor Stand Kiosk for Majlis Ugama Islam Dan Adat Resam Melayu Pahang

About The Project

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The Pahang Islamic Religious and Malay Customs Council was first established in 1926. The President of the first Council was the Al-Marhum Yang Amat Mulia Tengku Besar Sulaiman. Initially, the Council was known as the Pahang Muslim Members Council, then changed its name to the Pahang Islamic Religious and Malay Customs Council, eventually changed to the Pahang Islamic Religious and Malay Customs Council which remains to this day.

About Our Solution & Technology
Our Signage floorstanding kiosk comes with a few sizes from 43 inch to 65 inch. It is built-in Android and media player with signage software. Customer may choose to have cloud based or self hosted software to easily manage the display and content. This project, we supply 30 units of 65″ kiosk for MUIP. All kiosk was distributed to Mosque in Pahang district. They very satisfied with the solution and decided to have self hosted CDMS signage system.