Astro Digital SignageComes with NovoDS Studio, FREE Digital Signage Software. No annual fee or software subscription costs make for low total cost of ownership.

NovoDS4K, an advanced model within the NovoDS series, expands upon that ease-of-use to deliver the high-performance enterprises demand.

An easy-to-manage digital signage solution for creating dynamic multimedia content for a variety of large-scale corporate and educational applications. It features a diverse mix of signage templates for easy creative control. Designed with a complete user-friendly interface, the NovoDS allows users to generate signage content without the need of any programming skills.  Keeping your content dynamic and fresh is the key to attract eyes continuously. Israk digital signage solutions provide a wide spectrum of options to present live information and live video on your screens.  Now you can bring Live Feed & Digital Signage with Live Astro such as TV1, TV2, TV3, and more into your customized digital signage displays.

NovoDS solutions offer a very affordable and easy-to-manage digital signage solution which is ideal for creating dynamic visual displays for a corporate or public space. Digital signage content can incorporate text, photos, audio, video, and web content in fully customizable configurations for a variety of environments.

Easy to live with and use, NovoDS solutions offer the convenience of refreshing content over the network or with a microSD card. Thanks to drag-and-drop template customization and highly-intuitive playlist editing, it’s so easy to use that even non-technical staff members will feel at ease. The list of applications is endless and the solution is easy with digital signage media player NovoDS and NovoDS-4K.


novoDS Media player
novoDS Media player widget

Small in size but rich in features, NovoDS4K fits a wealth of top-of-the-line hardware into its compact form factor. NovoDS4K manages to output 4K video and to include HDMI-in, RS232, Power over Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and 1Gbps LAN connectivity from a box that is easily hidden behind any display.



novoDS Media player


Integrated with Digital Signage software NovoDS Studio allows users to easily design, publish, and manage multimedia content within a single application. 40 pre-configured and two customizable templates allow users of all technical familiarities to create effective, professional-grade layouts. And best of all, NovoDS users are entitled to a lifetime software usage license and free updates.



Free Digital Signage Software
novoDS Media player
novoDS Media player widget

Beyond multimedia content created and scheduled by users, NovoDS Media Player can also display a wide variety of automatically refreshed widgets including Twitter, RSS, YouTube, Weather, and more. Set-and-forget, these online content widgets only require a one-time setup before they show up-to-date, relevant information to your audience completely autonomously.



novoDS Media player API

To accommodate custom applications requiring machine-to-machine communication between IT systems, AV systems, and more, NovoDS Media Player provides an Open Software API for Digital Signage. By granting developers an easily accessible means of transmitting requests to their NovoDS device, organizations can greatly enhance the possibilities of their digital signage deployment.



novoDS Media player



novoDS Media player centralize
novoDS Media player centralize

Even across multiple NovoDS Player devices, uploading content, altering settings, and updating firmware is made easy thanks to centralized device management. Via intuitive, user-friendly software, network administrators can access, update, and manage every NovoDS device connected to their organization’s network simultaneously.



novoDS Media player Cloud

For remote media player device and content management over the internet, NovoDS can be accessed via NovoDS Cloud. This easy-to-use, role-based cloud service enables administrators, publishers, and designers to manage playlists, set up devices, create users accounts, and more from anywhere with an internet connection. And to provide users with flexible options that best fit their business, NovoDS can be deployed as a public cloud solution or on their own server.



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novoDS Media player
novoDS Media player Performance

To deliver the top-of-the-line playback and connectivity businesses of all sizes demand, NovoDS features high-performance components. A built-in WiFi adapter, high-speed LAN port, RS-232 serial port for legacy support, and the power to output 4K Ultra HD video all work together to ensure that NovoDS Digital Signage is fully capable of achieving whatever digital signage task users ask of it.



novoDS Media player connectivity

Full Connectivity

NovoDS connects to your display via HDMI and supports HD 1080p at 60 FPS. It supports video playback of 4k Ultra HD at 30 FPS.



novoDS4k Media player