infrared thermal imager
Mass Fever Screening & Temperature Detection System
Accurate & simulteneous detection up to 20 peoples suitable for public area and heavy traffic.
Touch-Free, Easier & Safer Access. Next Generation Solution.


face recognition thermalThis product is based on the linux system, installed with face recognition and temperature measurement application. The built-in face recognition camera module and infrared temperature detector, capable of personnel access management and temperature detection. The user stands in front of the camera to check the body temperature. There is no need for human contact. It is recommended that the distance from the camera is 0.5~1.5 meters and do need to stop or position face within the designated area. This is a real advantage to avoid misunderstanding and complications for users.

It is powered with Rockchip RK3399 / Qualcomm MSM8953 high-performance hardware platform, equipped with an industrial-class binocular camera, live face recognition technology and infrared thermal imaging module to support face-with-mask identity. It supports 1: 1 and 1: N face comparison and retrieval, face-with-mask recognition and human temperature detection. It supports automatic alarm for body temperature abnormality. It also supports the expansion of various peripherals such as ID card readers, fingerprint readers, etc., which can be applied to gate passages and attendance system to achieve safe and efficient access control for personnel.


It can be used with access gates and attendance for communities, office buildings, schools, hotels, scenic spots, transportation hubs, and other public service places.


Key Features

  • Arvia's high-end face recognition body temperature screening pass
  • High-Temperature reading accuracy of 0.3℃ error
  • Professional infrared modules and face recognition algorithms
  • Strong face recognition performance 99.99% (1: 1, FRR 1%)
  • Support multiple faces up top 10 faces simultaneously
  • Extremely fast recognition speed less than 0.3s
  • Body temperature screening distance: 0.4m ~ 1.5m (recommended within 1.2m)
  • Advantages of wearing mask recognition
  • Intelligent recognition 1: 1 and 1: N face comparison and face search
  • 20,000 face database (supports expansion to 50,000)
  • Face detection even with a mask with reminders without wearing masks
  • Built-in fill light, 120DB ultra-wide dynamic, no fear of backlight, and dark light environment.
  • Reminders of abnormal body temperature
    Supports ID card readers, fingerprint readers, IC card readers, QR code readers
  • Can be extended such as card readers, gate heads, and door magnets
  • Device terminal supports both online and offline modes
  • 7-inch aluminum alloy shell, exquisite atmosphere, wear-resistant and anti-corrosion
  • Equipped with a powerful network background management system, real-time recording of body temperature
  • Built-in personnel management, equipment management, visitor management, conference check-in, attendance management, and access rules and other functional.


Face Recognition Thermal Scanner

Face Recognition