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It is not only in-room. It is not only TV. It is every content on every screen. Take advantage of our very comprehensive set of IPTV solutions
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Explore Israk's IPTV Solution that meet most industry standard expectation.

Providing Entertainment Communication Informative services for your guests / users.

The Israk Hospitality IPTV solution offer cost effective yet full-featured and latest innovative system that provides entertainment, communication, and information TV services. Our easy to use Hospitality IPTV package IPTV system supports all popular features for used by most top hotel in the world from live TV, VOD, interactive services, integration with 3rd party applications. An extensive selection of TV apps that enable a range of interactive IPTV services that are necessary to increase the satisfaction of guests/users, enhance profits and reduce operational expenses. Attractive Hotel TV Services Access to terrestrial, cable or satellite hotel TV and radio channels, VOD - video on demand, Jukebox, PayTV, Games, an Internal portal, TV shop, Welcome messages/videos, Viewing bills, WEB access on TV and OTT services such as YouTube, Flickr, Twitter or Facebook are just some of the IPTV applications (apps) and widgets.

Increase the comfort and satisfaction of your guests/users and enhance income. "

All of these TV apps are very engaging and simple to use, while many of them support discreet on-TV-screen promotions for provider/hotel services (wellness, events, casinos, etc). The IPTV hotel guest portal is available in more than 10 languages and the free localization of additional languages is available. 3rd Party Systems; LAN or Coax Israk Hospitality TV is composed of various IPTV technologies and could be easily integrated with 3rd party systems such as HIS (Hotel Information System), PMS (Property Management System), billing systems or CDN systems. Furthermore, it can be implemented for various types of network infrastructure, such as cat, coax or fiber-based networks.

Our turnkey TV solutions for hotels cover the entire process – from planning to installation and support. We use the latest in hotel TV technology and information solutions, which includes everything from state-of-the-art TV Systems and streamed content to linear TV channels.


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Our IPTV Solution comprise of IPTV Gateway (max 8 video source/input) , IPTV Server (to host VOD files) software and hardware, standard/existing IP Switch and IPTV SetupBox which is connected to the TV in the room via LAN.
Hotel IPTV Solution

Our IPTV Solution can display HD adverting video provided by the customer. Usually, the HD advertising video is composed of hotel video introduction, a new movie preview, etc. I can also display greeting word/ Hotel guest name when they turn on STB.
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Provide interactive information content such as Hotel information, Events and happening, Airport and transportation information, Tourist Guide and attraction. The contents of Hotel interactive content can be changed according to the Hotel request. It also support Scrolling Text Message for advertisement or important information, displayed on top/bottom of TV screen.
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IPTV channels are those channels being subscribed from service provider such as ASTO. IPTV Gateway Encoder can receive AV/HDMI signals from satellite receiver, GPS PC, monitor camera, etc. Single encoder MAX supports 8 AV/HDMI inputs
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The list of Video On Deman (VOD) film which can be group into a category. It can be changed according to the user request. The VOD files are hosted on the local server within the network, therefore, only local bandwidth is utilized.
iptv provider malaysia

Hotel guest can make meal ordering via the IPTV system. List of a menu is listed with pictures, each price so guest can make their choices easily. Just use the remote control to navigate the menu as usual.