LED Display Videowall
Worldwide award winning LED technology that is simple to install, tough and can be easily repaired, unlike LCD monitors that need to be completely replaced upon breakdown.

Our UHD Series is a high precision die-casting aluminum LED Display cabinet for 2k/4K standard size screen. Module magnet installation by front maintenance design.  The high-quality thermal conductivity material for the cabinet back is an excellent ventilated design for heat dissipation, improving the stability and lifespan of the screen. The plastic mask offers protection at 4 sides and front side, thus much more robust. With black mask and 1515 black SMD, the contrast is highly improved. High refresh rate 3840 Hz, it much better than our competitors.

LED Display Solid Design
  • Hard connection between module and HUB card without cables
  • Front & back maintenance design by magnet
  • 240mm*180mm module size 4:3 ratio.
  • Excellent flatness and no deformation. No AB modules. Left and right module are identical, only one type of spare module
Wall Mount
  • Wall mounting supported, with a simple frame
  • Fast installation and seamless splice
LED Display Fanless and Noisefree
  • Good heat dissipation performance
  • Fanless and noiseless PFC Power Supply,
  • 110~240V working voltage
  • Maximum power consumption <700W/m2 for whole series products
LED Display High Refresh Rate
High refresh rate, 3840Hz, it ensures good shooting effect by phone, camera and other equipments. Smooth crystal clear image in front of camera.
LED Display Front Maintenance
LED Display Rear Maintenance

LED Display UHD Specification