In response to the alarming Coronavirus worldwide, we have launched a thermal imaging intelligent temperature measurement system solution. Through the combination of surface temperature measurement and real-time thermal images, the body surface temperature can be detected, which can be quickly and safely screened If the temperature is abnormal, take measures quickly to prevent the fever from flowing. This equipment is very durable to use, easy to install and work, can be flexibly controlled, reducing personnel investment. Additionally, in the case of a large number of people, rapid detection and screening can also be performed. For example, 60 people can be counted in one minute, and 3,000 people can be reached in 50 minutes. The solution is simple to deploy and ready to use which can reduce the investment in personnel costs and accelerate the speed of fever temperature screening.

The Jetion JT-66K is a thermal imaging camera that can be used to screen for elevated body temperature.  The JT-66K measures the temperature of subjects and will alert staff when a temperature threshold has been crossed. For example, if the alarm is set for 100 degrees, and it reads someone at 101, it will provide a notification. It has an accuracy of 0.9°F and a temperature range of 86-113°F. The testing process is both non-contact and non-invasive, with an optimal measurement distance of approximately 3.3 feet (1 meter), enabling to staff to maintain a safer distance from testing subjects.

The JT-66K can be handheld, as well as mounted on an included tripod. Software is also included for real-time image transmission between camera and computer.  This product is an infrared thermal camera. It is similar to a regular camera, however, it also takes temperature readings at thousands of points in the scene. The camera then uses this temperature information to create a color-coded image, like the one shown below. Hot and cold show up at different colors, making it easier to identify sections in the image. In addition, the JT-66K will identify specific points in the image having the minimum and maximum temperature.

Thermal scanner



Thermal scanner


temperature Imaging



  • *High-temperature limit exceeding alarm
    The customized high temperature scanner limit can be set to 37.3℃. For the temperature ≥37.3℃, indicator light and screen will indicate high temperature alarm, which can effectively and quickly screen individuals with abnormal temperature.
    Real-time image transmission
    Set the USB mode to USB camera, connect the USB cable to the computer to mirror the upper computer software by real-time image transmission. 
    Fearures: Real-time image transmission of fever screening, mirror the computer on larger screen for monitoring.

Temperature Scanner Thermal Imager (For human body temperature measurement)

temperature scanner



scanner Specification