Replace your old printed building directory with a new trend interactive kiosk in Malaysia. We have leveraged touchscreen technology to deliver interactive wayfinding & building directories to help visitors find locations or companies your building. The interactive wayfinding kiosks & building directories enable you to provide your guests with detailed information in a rich, intuitive way that creates engaging interactions. Not only it brings your property to the next level, it give your tenants and visitor a great experience with Israk's Touchscreen Building Directory Solution. With this touchscreen directory, you can display useful information about your tenants such as company's names, the person in charge who take charge of the company, other company details and building facilities & amenities. These features make it easy for visitor and guest looking for a space to rent and or companies’ visitors, reducing a first time visitor’s anxiety over being in an unfamiliar place. The directory will guide persons new to the exact location of the location while easy to find the services and amenities that they will need in the course of their stay in the building.

Israk's Building Directory Solution

There are a lot of digital building directories available at different price points, but we are confident that ours is one of the best and does not offer you junk solution or something you don't necessary need but need to pay unnecessaily. Here is what to look for in a digital building directory :.

  • Easy to update.
  • Low cost.
  • Scheduling feature.
  • Remote management.
  • Centralized control.
  • Zoned templates to display multiple media on screens.


Building Directory Software Key Features :


  • Web-based administration
  • Several templates are ready-made and can be customized for faster deployment.
  • Bulk CSV/Excel upload tenant/company list instead of the need to enter one-by-one.
  • Intuitive search function from Homescreen, or other pages.
  • Auto suggestion or completion (auto filter based on only 2 characters typed)
  • Images/banner Slideshow integration
  • Display advertising/promotions for the campus/facility and/or tenants
  • Include detailed company's information and images slideshow.
  • Company location on floorplan
  • Include company information or guidance
  • Webform for contact us or feedback
  • Standalone or centralized.
  • Include events & happening with images.
  • Alert visitors to upcoming events/breaking news
  • Touch-friendly scrolling or images or content
  • Sort by Alphabet or Sort by Level
  • Go Back button and main menu for faster navigation
  • Integration with Twitter, Facebook or Instagram feed for fresh daily update without touching floor Directory CMS.
  • Integration with local Weather
  • Default Company/tenant information such as Company Name, Business Category, Phone Number, Email, Floor Level, Lot Number, Operation Hours, Images & Website.
  • Option to integrate with Israk's Wayfinding Software.
Building Directory

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