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Interactive Whiteboard for Anugerah Pembestarian Sekolah – APS 2019- Complete Solution

About The Project

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Interactive Whiteboard Solution

Project Background: Supply and Installation of Interactive Whiteboard. Item supplied are Arvia Mini Board 27” + Whiteboard 150”, Projektor Pro HD + Fastfold 150”, Arvia Floorstanding 49”, and Projector 3600 lumens.

Client: Anugerah Pembestarian Sekolah – APS

The National Level School Development Award organized by the Education Technology Division, Ministry of Education Malaysia is the highest recognition and appreciation of the Ministry of Education Malaysia to students, teachers and schools who have succeeded in innovation in school management and administration as well as teaching and learning inside and outside. information and communication technology (ICT) -assisted classrooms.

Project Date: April 2019

About Our Solution & Technology
ARVIA Smartboard or E-Board is the next generation of Interactive whiteboard (IWB) style where a projector is not required, designed with touch capability and integrated software. The touch technology used could be a capacitive or IR touchscreen fitted from the factory. The touch screens allow for multi-drawing capabilities, enabling up to 20 touch points. Everyone can share and collaborate easily with simple to use wireless solution. The screen sizes varies from 55″, 65″, 75″, 86″ and 98″ from different popular brands. The capacitive model Arvia Smartboard Series is slimmer than other brands. We do offer different designs of Smartboard TV Mobile Stand with wheel caster for mobility.