IP Based All-in-one Command & Control Centre Solutions

IP Based KVM Videowall solution offers an option to system integrator, who prefer all-in-one control room KVM solution, What is more important, its built-in video wall controller perfectly supports LED wall too, this is verified by a lot of LED Display wall installation with some leading LED wall producer. Dynamic KVM over IP, and Intuitive Video Wall Over IP Solutions, provide High Decision-Making Efficiency for your mission-critical control rooms such as Network Operation Center, SOC, AOC, TOC, Rapid response and decision making can be made. 

Our unique H.264/265 video codec, for high-efficiency KVM over IP, which provides multiple functions such as Smart KVM Matrix, Video Wall Controller, and Environment Control​

  • Access up-to 8 computers/channels on one monitor
  • Audio and controls will be automatically switched when the cursor moves
  • The operator can directly drag any channel from one operator monitor to another
  • Push any remotely accessed content to video wall by hotkey seamlessly
  • 4 permissions levels available for operators, EXCLUSIVE, SHARE, VIEW ONLY and PRIVATE
  • Cross Display Switching features
  • Connect as many of console display, LCD video wall
  • Intuitive & Visualized drag/drop control by mouse & finger
  • Recall custom-made video wall preset seamlessly
  • Real-time preview of the content on iOS/Window control tablet and KVM OSD menu
  • POE, Plug & Play
  • Realized Chroma of 4:4:4 over 4-20Mbps streams



IP KVM Controller







Highlighting Features(Compared to conventional solution):

  • No KVM Server required
  • No Video Wall Matrix required
  • No HDMI/KVM Extender required
  • No LED/LCD Wall Controller required
  • No Input Preview Card required to watch real time content
  • No limit on the channels of input and outputs to video wall display​

What's more by IP Based Solution:

  • Cabling by CAT only, POE powered, Plug & Play
  • 4K+UDP+HID+RS232/RS485/IR over CAT6e, up to 90m
  • Every transceiver node is a part of wall controller, KVM matrix switcher, HDMI extender and KVM server
  • Every transceiver node can decode UDP into RS232/RS485/IR, and control 3rd party devices
  • All input channels have Real time preview on iOS/Windows control tablet and KVM OSD menu
  • Build-in volume controller at every transceiver node
  • Unlimited Out-of-Band Management
  • Seamless pull/push by hot key and drag/drop
  • Based on H.264/265, born to work well with AI(Artificial Intelligence) and IP CCTV system
  • And even more ......






IP Based Videowall & KVM over IP Solution

IP videowall

Comparison with Traditional Command Center

Traditional KVM System



IP KVM Videowall Diagram
Typical System Scheme for Control Room


IP based Videowall System
Videowall KVM


KVM IP based

KVM IP based


IP KVM Videowall Controller