IP Based All-in-one Command & Control Centre Solutions

IP Based KVM Videowall solution offers an option to system integrator, who prefer all-in-one control room KVM solution, What is more important, its built-in video wall controller perfectly supports LED wall too, this is verified by a lot of LED Display wall installation with some leading LED wall producer.





Highlighting Features(Compared to conventional solution):

  • No KVM Server required
  • No Video Wall Matrix required
  • No HDMI/KVM Extender required
  • No LED/LCD Wall Controller required
  • No Input Preview Card required to watch real time content
  • No limit on the channels of input and outputs to video wall display​

What's more by IP Based Solution:

  • Cabling by CAT only, POE powered, Plug & Play
  • 4K+UDP+HID+RS232/RS485/IR over CAT6e, up to 90m
  • Every transceiver node is a part of wall controller, KVM matrix switcher, HDMI extender and KVM server
  • Every transceiver node can decode UDP into RS232/RS485/IR, and control 3rd party devices
  • All input channels have Real time preview on iOS/Windows control tablet and KVM OSD menu
  • Build-in volume controller at every transceiver node
  • Unlimited Out-of-Band Management
  • Seamless pull/push by hot key and drag/drop
  • Based on H.264/265, born to work well with AI(Artificial Intelligence) and IP CCTV system
  • And even more ......






IP Based Videowall & KVM over IP Solution

IP videowall

Comparison with Traditional Command Center

Traditional KVM System

IP-based Videowall


IP based Videowall System
Typical System Scheme for Control Room

IP based Videowall System
Videowall KVM


KVM IP based

KVM IP based