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It is not only in-room. It is not only TV. It is every content on every screen. Take advantage of our very comprehensive set of IPTV solutions
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Explore Israk's IPTV Solution that meet most industry standard expectation.

IPTV is defined as multimedia services such as television/video/audio/text/graphics/data delivered over IP (internet protocol) based networks managed to provide the required level of quality of service and experience, security, interactivity and reliability”.

We have everything you need to starts your IPTV project.

You can absolutely count on us to provide best-in-class products and services. Please surf our website for more information or request for quotation to jump-start your IPTV project today. Israk IPTV System is a total solution for small to large IPTV projects covering various IPTV industry segments such as hospitality, maritime, healthcare, education, corporate or residential. myFreeview TV is the most cost-effective solution because it's free, but we do have solutions to mix with other sources to add more channels from Satellite TV such as Astro or IP Sources. We also welcome visitors to our showroom to view, learn and personally experience our Hotel IPTV Solution. Please contact 03-8940 1722 to set up an appointment.

IPTV Solution Hotel

Hospitality IPTV Industry

IPTV solutions for hotels, tourist resorts, boutique hotels, apartments, villa, and other hospitality businesses.

IPTV Solution Cruise

Maritime IPTV Industry

IPTV solutions for cruise ships, river cruise ships, cargo ships, ferryboats, oil rigs, and other maritime businesses.

IPTV Solution Hospital

Healthcare IPTV Industry

IPTV solutions for hospitals, medical centers, retirement homes, and other healthcare businesses.


IPTV Solution University

Education IPTV Industry

IPTV solutions for campuses, student dorms, boarding schools, colleges, schools, training institutions, and other education businesses.

IPTV Solution Corporate

Corporate IPTV Industry

IPTV solutions for banks, insurance, factories, shopping centers, and other corporate businesses.

IPTV Solution Residential

Residential IPTV Industry

IPTV solutions for residential areas, living apartments, villas, and other residential oriented businesses. 


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Complete IPTV and OTT solutions for video service delivery to business and residential with a high level of system scalability. We support any video sources and any distribution network for any client device type on your request. Pre-integrated building blocks and elements via standard API‘s enable cost-effective and IP fast deployment.

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Our IPTV Solution comprise of IPTV Gateway (max 8 video source/input) , IPTV Server (to host VOD files) software and hardware, standard/existing IP Switch and IPTV SetupBox which is connected to the TV in the room via LAN.
Hotel IPTV Solution

Our IPTV Solution can display HD adverting video provided by the customer. Usually, the HD advertising video is composed of hotel video introduction, a new movie preview, etc. I can also display greeting word/ Hotel guest name when they turn on STB.
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Provide interactive information content such as Hotel information, Events and happening, Airport and transportation information, Tourist Guide and attraction. The contents of Hotel interactive content can be changed according to the Hotel request. It also support Scrolling Text Message for advertisement or important information, displayed on top/bottom of TV screen.
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IPTV channels are those channels being subscribed from service provider such as ASTO. IPTV Gateway Encoder can receive AV/HDMI signals from satellite receiver, GPS PC, monitor camera, etc. Single encoder MAX supports 8 AV/HDMI inputs
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The list of Video On Deman (VOD) film which can be group into a category. It can be changed according to the user request. The VOD files are hosted on the local server within the network, therefore, only local bandwidth is utilized.
iptv provider malaysia

Hotel guest can make meal ordering via the IPTV system. List of a menu is listed with pictures, each price so guest can make their choices easily. Just use the remote control to navigate the menu as usual.