IPTV Gateway Encoder is one of the important headend equipment of IPTV System. IPTV Gateway Encoder can receive AV/HDMI signals from satellite receiver, GPS PC, monitor camera, etc. Single encoder MAX supports 8 AV/HDMI inputs and supports 8 IPTV programs output over IP network.


  • 8×CVBS/HDMI video inputs
  • 2× ASI output interface
  • 1 TS streaming output LAN port, 1 management LAN port.
  • Output MPEG2/MPEG4/H.264 TS over IP network
  • Supports CBR and VBR
  • Supports multiplexed SPTS output over IP Network
  • Supports D1,HD1,2/3D1,3/4D1,720P/1080P Resolutions
  • Supports PAL and NTSC SD/HD video formats
  • Real-time effective encoding output bit-rate monitoring
  • Supports NMS or SNMP management
  • Support LCD / keyboard operating
  • Supports 7x24 working