Advanced Samsung Hospitality TV HC460

Key Features
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Enhance the guest room ambience with advanced, affordable hospitality displays 

Successful hoteliers know that travelers expect an in-room entertainment experience similar to what they experience at home. However, hotel owners and managers must control costs when investing in new displays and they chose "Smart" Tv display. Samsung HC470 Series high-performance displays include many features hoteliers need, at a reasonable cost. Their modern, streamlined design contributes to a pleasant room ambiance and superior viewing experience that includes a Home menu that puts essential information at guests' fingertips. Plus, these affordable displays offer a cost-effective management solution by leveraging existing infrastructure that is sure to please both guests and hoteliers.

iptv solution


Provide advanced, customised content for greater guest convenience 

Elevate guest services and generate additional revenue simply and easily with content management through the LYNK REACH solution. For hotel managers, Samsung LYNK REACH 3.0 includes a fully customisable UI that provides a highly flexible way to craft your hotel’s unique messaging to inform and entertain guests. Editable templates allow you to change text and image size, colour, font, placement and so on, to optimise the appearance of your content and to enhance your brand image. Plus, you can generate incremental sales by providing guests with in-room marketing content, such as promotional offers displayed on a ticker. You can also generate additional revenue by advertising with live channel, which provides an easy new template for text or image advertisements in hotel lobbies or restaurants. For hotel guests, LYNK REACH 3.0 provides add-on guest conveniences with weather information and timely flight information from selected airports using 3rd-party content providers.
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Protect content with advanced DRM technology 
Enhance security with LYNK™ Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology, a software-based and cost-effective alternative to hardware-based content protection systems. As it is a fully software-based solution, Samsung LYNK™ DRM has a high adaptability to various head-ends. Also, it is easier to implement and manage, without any hardware upgrades or changes for error management and is, therefore, more cost-efficient.
iptv solution
Simplify display and content management with LYNK REACH 3.0 
Streamline in-room display and content management while controlling costs with the Samsung LYNK REACH solution and REACH Server by leveraging your existing infrastructure. You can remotely control multiple TVs from a single location to increase your efficiency and productivity without the need for bulky set-top boxes (STBs) in each room. Plus, you can create various groups of displays with dedicated content for each group, which is ideal for targeting a specific group of guests such as convention attendees or tourist groups.
iptv solution
Treat guests to a warm welcome through your hotel's customised Home menu 
Enhance guest convenience and your hotel brand, even in a no-network environment, with the Hospitality Home menu. Greet guests with a simplified Home screen that displays a live channel stream plus a welcome message, hotel information and the time and date. Increase guests’ comfort with easy Home screen access to commonly used hotel features, such as morning wake-up calls, My Channel and sleep timers. The welcome message, hotel information, and easy access features can be edited from the factory mode. Plus, these customisations can be easily cloned to a USB for efficiently applying the same content to displays in other guest rooms

Advanced Samsung Hospitality TV Specification


DisplayPanel48" LED TV
Aspect Ratio16:9
SystemCPUAllwinner A64 ,64bit ,Quad-Core,Corte-A53,Rockchip 3188,Quad core cortex A9,1.6G,  Rockchip 3288,Quad Core, Cortex-A17,
RAMDDR3  1GDDR3   1GDDR3 2Gb (4G as option)
Internal memory 8G (16Gb as option)8G (16Gb as option)8G (16Gb as option)
Operation SystemAndroid 6.0Android 4.4.2 or Android 5.1Android 6.0
InterfaceCard slotSD,Support up to 32GB
USB Device Mini USB OTG*1
RJ PortRJ 45 Port*1
USB HostUSB Host 2.0*3
ConnectionWI-FIIEEE 802.11 b/g/n, 
4GbSupport External 3G Module or Inisde 
BluetoothBluetooth 3.0 Module
Media playsVideo formatMPEG-1,MPEG-2,MPEG-4, etc.,support up to 1080p
Audio formatMP3/WMA/AAC etc.
OthersWireless mouse/KeyboardSupported
Camera (Optional)2.0 Mega, Front
Application MSN/Skype/Facebook/E-mail/google map etc
User manualyes
USB cableyes