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Multi Touch Software for Dynamic and Interactive Display

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With the trend of the increased use of multitouch smartphone or tablet kiosk devices, customers’ needs and increased expectations, there is a specific need for a powerful yet easy to use multi-touch software for an interactive touch kiosk. Companies around the world are looking for software solution that is designed to minimize cost and maximize customers interactivity which can easily integrated into companies initiative and promote a customer-focused experience.
The use of Multi Touch Software, is to produce an interactive wow experiences at lobbies, shopping malls, stores, tradeshows, real estates, public spaces, museums, hospitals, etc. It can be applied in different branches such as Retail, Events, Corporate, Culture & Education and Entertainment. This include showcasing event/product photos, survey, videos, product brochures and as well as company websites within a multi-touch environment or put your products in the spotlight through one of the games.
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   Screnshoot : Touchscreen software user interface; enabling the touch gesture
Currently there are many different technologies available to approach this requirement. While custom flash-based programming or Web-based with advanced jQuery might do the job, there are a few dedicated software available in the market that allows  multi-touch gestures similar to what people are familiar with on their smartphone such as tap, double tap, scroll, pan, pinch, zoom and more. This allow people to navigate, drag, resize, and rotate photos, videos and electronic documents.
The following are some of the list :
Multitouch- Software
IntuiteLab – intuilab.com
This multi touch software allow you to create amazing interactive touch experiences without writing a line of code. Non-technical users are freed from template restrictions, using their own content to create amazing interactive experiences. No knowledge of hardware is required and any layouts and designs are possible – it’s all drag-and-drop but infinitely customizable. Use your own content and your own displays. Advanced users can incorporate external data and business logic to create dynamic experiences that respond to unpredictable user input. All this in software as easy to use as a slidware program but magnitudes more powerful.
Multitouch Software
Omnitapps – multitouch-software.com
The Omnitapps Composer suite include Omnitapps Composer Basic, a multi-touch software  and kiosk package with 18 applications and basic setting configuration; Omnitapps Composer Advanced, a full-featured multi-touch software package with 21 applications; and Omnitapps Composer Ultimate, adding Omnivision’s Interactive Wayfinding application to Omnitapps Composer Advanced. In addition, Omnitapps Composer Player offers a cost-effective system for running any configuration created using Omnitapps Composer, Basic, Advanced, or Ultimate.
Multitouch Software
TouchMagix – touchmagix.com
TouchMagix™ offers a new variety of interactive display solutions like Interactive Floor, Interactive Wall, Multi-Touch and MagixFone™. It visualized the ability and scope of gesture-based and multi-touch technologies. It is designed for multi-touch table and wall displays to create interactive presentations using your existing files (pictures, videos, and documents etc). Touchtech LIMA makes interacting with your digital content fun and easy for everyone!
Multi touch software
Nuiteq – nuiteq.com
Snowflake Ultimate, Entertainment & ABC for education offer customisable content, high performance, stability & quality. 40+ apps & a SDK are included in this industry leading, award-winning product suite, allowing even software developers to create their own multitouch software apps. It is customizable, stable, high performance, quality, 40+ app library, 35+ man years development, off the shelf products and custom multitouch software development.
Multitouch Software
ARENA Multitouch Platform – arena.unedged.com

UNEDGED software called ARENA Multitouch Platform is an extensible software platform with central content management, cloud, license management, analytics and monitoring tools such as logging, watchdog, auto-updates, among several other features. Designed to be used by software developers, software vendors, system integrators, original equipment manufacturers, resellers and end customers, it addresses a rapidly growing market.

Multitouch Software
Eyefactive – eyefactive.com

Interactive MultiTOUCH Software for Digital Signage Touchscreens. Find a growing number of business apps in the first AppStore for professional Touch Displays that you can customize via our intuitive Content Management System (CMS) – no programming skills required! Integrate your own content, product information, Images and Videos and change the design to your specific needs such as tablet kiosk.

Touch software

Touchtech LIMA – touchtech.com/lima

A multi-touch software that turns your pictures, videos and documents into interactive touchscreen experiences. Touchtech Lima is a premium multi-touch software solution. It is designed for multi-touch table and wall displays to create interactive presentations using your existing files (pictures, videos, and documents etc). Touchtech Lima makes interacting with your digital content fun and easy for everyone!
Solatys – solatys.com
Solatys provides bespoke and standard interactive solutions with a strong customer-centric approach to fullfill main objectives, orchestrated by state of the art applications development.
MOSAIQQ – mosaiqq.com MOSAIQQ develops software and looks for new more intuitive ways to tackle collaboration & sharing. MOSAIQQ photo is multi-touch, multi-user software for high-end homes and business. Cube is tailored for digital signage, where users can explore content in new and different ways. Under the hood is MOSAIQQ engine, a touch engine designed to recognize and isolate gestures from simultaneous users on multiple layered objects.