Samsung commercial display
Various design to choose from and customization. Integrated with powerful and interactive software. High quality products IP65 waterproof and tempered glass with 2000knits brighness !

Outdoor signage and touchscreen kiosk has become the new favorite of advertisers. The growth rate and it's adoption in Malaysia is growing similar to social media. Outdoor advertising display adopts the leading technology, which has the characteristics of long service life and frequent broadcast. The main reason why outdoor display and touchscreen kiosk can be placed outdoors is that it can withstand rain and bright sunlight. It shows high performance at high or low temperature, dustproof, stable internal structure and easy to control.

What are key features you should look into?

  • Professional LED Panel
  • Support Weather Capable (IP65)
  • Bright enough to be placed under bright sunlight
  • Anti-Vandalism Protection
  • Commercially cooled system
  • Auto Brightness Control
  • Remote Management
  • Easy to Service with Front Door Open
  • Integrated Signage Management Software.

Why Outdoor Digital Signage?

They are used to reinforce branding, promote products and services, or advertise sales and promotions. It is also widely used for outdoor advertising, outdoor advertisement publishing, outdoor media communication, touch interactive inquiries and other fields such as central business district, telephone booths, bus stations, airports, docks, park squares, leisure venues, tourist attractions, catering industry, government, and corporate publicity.
outdoor kiosk