Outdoor Signage Floor Stand Kiosk for Ecoworld Majestic, Semenyih

  • Skills:

    • outdoor floor stand kiosk
    • outdoor signage
  • Client:

    Ecoworld Majestic

Israk is proud to be appointed as a supplier of 1 unit Outdoor Signage Floor Stand Kiosk for Ecoworld Majestic, Semenyih. Its a outdoor kiosk with waterproof cases, android system with signage software. The kiosk is install in residental area at Cradleton Eco Majestic 1 town. 

About Outdoor Floor Stand Kiosk

Outdoor signage and touchscreen kiosk has become the new favorite of advertisers. The growth rate and it's adoption in Malaysia is growing similar to social media. Outdoor advertising display adopts the leading technology, which has the characteristics of long service life and frequent broadcast. The main reason why outdoor display and touchscreen kiosk can be placed outdoors is that it can withstand rain and bright sunlight. It shows high performance at high or low temperature, dustproof, stable internal structure and easy to control.

About Ecoworld Majestic

Inspired by the grace and beauty of the Straits Era, Eco Majestic marries exquisite design and the spirit of conservation to create an extraordinary timelessness. As you traverse the red-paved bridge towards Eco Majestic, feel yourself transported to a place that exists outside time, a place that is forever elegant, forever serene.