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Malaysian Minister of Education Prelaunch Arvia Smartboard ChromeOS At DUTA 2021

On the 7th of July, 2022, Datuk Dr. Mohd Radzi bin Md Jidin, the Minister of Education announced the pre-launch of the Arvia Smartboard Powered by ChromeOS. The Smartboard is said to help with the ever-growing digital education by using the ChromeOS operating system integrated with the National Education environment. During The Digital Utilization Technology Award DUTA, 2021 many awards are given to entities or individuals that have made significant contributions to digital education in Malaysia.

The world of education is ever-changing and evolving. It is hard to keep up with all the new technology and trends, especially as a teacher. One company has found a solution that merges the best of both worlds. Israk Solutions Sdn. Bhd’s latest product, the Arvia Smartboard powered by ChromeOS is perfect for classrooms because it’s safe and secure, integrating perfectly with Google Workspace For Education environment. With this smartboard, teachers can easily incorporate technology into their lessons and keep their students engaged and excited about learning.

The Smartboard ARV500 is the one of its kind on the market that fully supports ChromeOS. This means that it has many advantages for educators looking to move away from traditional multiple software and hardware ecosystems. ARV-500 is easy to set up and use, providing a seamless experience for students and teachers. ChromeOS is an intuitive and easy-to-use operating system platform for managing organizational data. Its interesting education feature encourages users to learn more and participate in the classroom, while its add-on values provide extra functionality. Additionally, ChromeOS’s active learning session makes it simpler for users to use and understand.

Engaging teaching sessions using a smartboard take place in an interactive way that allows students to work together with friends and the teacher. The multi-touch feature provides more space for collaborations and helps keep everyone on task. Students can engage in more collaborative activities and can produce better quality work. With the development of 5G of cellular technology, Malaysia does not lag in producing this new generation. The new approaches in the learning sessions by using digital devices have proved to be very successful. The Malaysian government has been pushing for a more digital education system for students. The Education Ministry has announced that all schools will go hybrid starting from 2021. This means that students will be using both traditional and digital methods to learn.

This is a result of the Covid pandemic. Malaysia is one of the countries worst hit by Covid. To prevent the spread of the virus, schools have been closed since March 2020. The Education Ministry wants to make use of this time to revamp the education system. Some parents are unhappy with this decision as they feel that their children are not ready for more digital education. However, many parents think that this is an excellent opportunity for their children to learn new things and keep up with current trends.

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For Malaysia to maintain its position as one of the best education institutions, we must embrace new methods of learning. The traditional classroom setting is no longer sufficient; students need an immersive, interactive experience to truly understand complex concepts. Fortunately, digital learning can provide this type of environment. By incorporating multimedia elements and simulations into their coursework, teachers can create lessons that are easier to understand and more engaging for students.