Indoor Fixed UHD LED Display Series

Our UHD Series is a high precision die-casting aluminum LED Display cabinet for 2k/4K standard size screen. Module magnet installation by front maintenance design.  The high-quality thermal conductivity material for the cabinet back is an excellent ventilated design for heat dissipation, improving the stability and lifespan of the screen. The plastic mask offers protection at 4 sides and front side, thus much more robust. With black mask and 1515 black SMD, the contrast is highly improved. High refresh rate 3840 Hz, it much better than our competitors.

Ultra Narrow Pitch LED Display

As indoor narrow pixel pitch led display is a trend in the led market, Matrix Displays team developed such led products, which supports 3840 high refresh rate, SMD1010 led types, supports from P1.25 to P2.5mm, if you have high image demand on the control room, hotel, airport etc, our product is your best choice.

Transparent LED Displays

LED transparent display is a customized solution for LED display screen glass wall and it is a revolutionary product FOR glass wall LED Display. Brand new design and installation scheme are launched to accomplish the higher brightness, lower weight and easy install characteristics.

LED Display Controller Novastar VX4S

The VX4S is a professional LED display controller which combine LED cabinet to form a large LED screen or videowall. Besides the function of display control, it also features in powerful front end processing, so an external scalar is no longer needed.