Touch Screen Monitor For IBS Gallery, Chan Sow Lin

  • Skills:

    • touchscreen monitor
  • Client:

    CIDB Malaysia

Israk is proud to be appointed as a supplier of 6 units Touch Screen Monitor for IBS Component Gallery at CIDB Malaysia, Chan Sow Lin. It's a 32" touch screen  monitor with Infrared 10 points touch technology.

About IBS Component Gallery

The IBS Component Gallery showcases the flexibility of IBS construction, using IBS for regenerating existing buildings, as well as creating new ones. It also highlights the full scale of IBS components currently available in the Malaysian market as well as serving as an IBS reference centre for designers, contractors and the general public.

In addition, the IBS score factor for each of the components and examples of IBS score calculation are also shown here. The gallery is divided into six main zones - Blockwork system, Steel-framing syatem, Precast concrete system, Formwork system, Timber framing system and other prefabricated construction components.