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Touchscreen Interactive Software

touchscreen software

Complete interactive solution 
Using Interactive software during a presentation or meeting to capture notes and ideas. You can remain at the whiteboard; it gives you the tools you need to write, erase, print, or capture a copy of the board.

Hand gesture recognition  (Multi-touch)
Touch or click the board with your single finger as a left or right mouse; start the software or write on the desktop directly with your palm; move the page with your several fingers when you write the page fully; Rotate and zoom in or out the images with two points; support multi-touch.

Supporting files with various formats 
The whiteboard becomes a giant, interactive touch screen that that enables you to operate your computer while standing at the whiteboard. This enables you to add or erase, save, print, or distribute the snapshot using the features of the Interactive software at any time, even when a whiteboard is not turned on connected to the computer. you can control a presentation (using software such as PowerPoint, PDF, Word) on your computer while standing at the whiteboard simply by using a finger or stylus as the mouse.

Individualized setup
Background, paintbrush, text inserting, default screen can be setup at individual preference, blackboard or whiteboard can be supplied at option.

International HID Criterion
To the USB device of HID, INTECH Interactive software can be recognized and supported automatically by the OS. It supports OS of WIN2000 or above, enc=ven more MAC and LINUX.

Trapezoid Calibration
It is available that you can calibrate INTECH E-board under trapezoid projection.Finger point is consistent to the mouse pointer.

Recognizing Product Model Automatically
The users needn’t set the model number by themselves.Updated server program can recognize the model number automatically.

Multi-language,Writing recognition, Editing office file  
We have multi-language version for interactive software. Installing, just choose the language you want, such as English, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Thai, Arabic,Korean and so on.Interactive software can recognizes your handwriting into text typing.You can also edit the office file directly  and save it.

Being integrated with the web video conference software
Being integrated with the web video conference software, you can operate the interactive whiteboard directly if you have the whiteboard. Traditionally, the web video software is just the software not have hardware. So you can’t break through some troubleness. So we solve this use the interactive software. During meeting, you can not only write on the board to share the information, but also let your meeting more effective.

Minimum Requirements:

• PC with 300MHz x 86 processor
• 128M EMS memory
• Display card support 256 colors and above
• 10M applicable hard disk space
• Display resolution: 1024*768, 1280*800, 1280*1024
• An available USB port
• CD-ROM drive
• Windows compatible PC (Pentium II or faster required; Pentium III recommended)
• Windows 98, VISTA, 2000, or XP

Configuration Recommended:

• PC with 1GHz x 86 processor
• 256M EMS memory or above
• Display card support 256 colors and above
• 500M applicable hard disk space
• Projection display resolution: 1280*800