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Vertical Video Wall I A Wise Marketing Investment

A Wise Marketing Investment in Vertical Video Wall

Vertical video wall are still incredible views that captivate anybody who sees them, even though they are no longer novelties. A vertical video wall is made up of several monitors placed side by side to resemble one big screen. This has a number of advantages. The resolution and quality are first and foremost much improved, but perhaps more significantly, its reach and engagement power are unmatched.

The versatility of vertical video wall makes them helpful in any huge space, but this isn’t their sole advantage. Let’s look at more information.

vertical video wall

1. Better content calibre

Without a doubt, vertical  video wall exist because of the high quality of their substantial material. With each additional display added to this digital puzzle, the resolution itself rises, enabling higher resolutions than ever before on this platform. By adding the width and height of all the displays in your vertical video wall, it is simple to determine that not only is the size of the material expanded, but also its resolution and quality. As you can see, the overall resolution rises with each additional screen.

Once you’ve determined your resolution, you may change your digital signage software to display material that perfectly suits your vertical video wall using that resolution. Naturally, keep in mind that for best effects, you should also have content that is appropriate for the screen resolution.

You may have considered substituting a projector for a vertical video wall, but vertical vertical video wall provide better clarity, brightness, and contrast ratios than any projector, enabling their use in settings with abundant natural light.

2.Reliable and having varying processing power

The purpose of a vertical video wall is to serve as more than just a big screen. In actuality, the majority of videowall systems are built to last and remain operational for longer periods of time.

Vertical video wall don’t have consumable parts like projectors do, and they don’t need to be serviced as often. In essence, a vertical video wall system is made to run continuously with little upkeep required. While the projector may be less expensive and easier to instal, it occasionally needs a bulb replacement and must be shut down after a specific amount of use. However, this isn’t the sole distinction between the two.

An sufficient video processor is a must to ensure that vertical video wall have higher content quality compared to any other platform. The upkeep and flawless operation of the content on the displays are the responsibility of the vertical video wall processor.

There are various processor kinds, and they differ in terms of features and complexity. If your vertical video wall demands are straightforward and rarely change, certain processors will allow for a small number of inputs/outputs. But the number of output displays and input sources they handle is constrained by the set number of inputs/outputs. A vertical video wall can operate at maximum efficiency even under the most demanding conditions thanks to increasingly sophisticated computers. For this reason, the CPU is frequently referred to as the most crucial component of a vertical video wall system.

3.Flexibility with a wide range of options

While it is often the case, contrary to popular belief, that vertical video wall are only used to display content from a single source, they are not exclusively employed in that way. A videowall is more than just an enlarged version of a normal display.

You can choose from a variety of sizes and shapes for the composition of your vertical video wall thanks to the many software vendors who offer content management and presentation in, shall we say, odd vertical video wall forms and shapes. You can mount your displays to the wall or have them stand alone by using specialised mounting hardware.

Vertical video wall can be used for a variety of purposes, such as showing data, results, announcements, or even being used during live events to maximise audience engagement and improve the overall experience.

A vertical video wall can show content that is spread across all of the connected monitors or it can be designed to show different content on each device, such as a setup for keeping score or other data that would match that pattern.

4.Functions admirably with interaction

Imagine how great a video wall would be if it could be touched to interact. This trait, however, is rather typical and is taken into account when designing vertical video wall. As we’ve seen, videowall processors make sure everything goes without a hitch, including preserving a fluid display of material when the vertical video wall is being utilised by multiple users simultaneously.

Map browsing, data searching, or even playing games on an interactive television wall are all acceptable activities that are also quite entertaining. Imagine the amount of attention a vertical video wall may draw given that even the most basic interactive digital signage already attracts.

5.Beneficial to all industries

Any sector you can think of can greatly benefit from using videos. It makes it possible to display content in a remarkable way and more effectively than on a typical digital display. They are more advantageous in some circumstances than others, though.

A vertical video wall can be used for advertising quite effectively, and if the site is ideal, it would even be possible to sell advertising space. Your company is your canvas with vertical video wall.

The attractiveness of vertical video wall is comparable to that of digital displays when they were initially introduced to the public. Since we haven’t quite gotten to the stage when we only glance at them like we do traditional billboards, they are still easily able to divert our attention because they are exciting and appealing to the eye.

In contrast to billboards, which we rarely gaze at, when a vertical video wall illuminates a big space, we are pushed to look. Because they capitalise on the inherent engagement a vertical video wall offers, advertisements are more effective when placed on this platform, especially fast-paced, engaging ones. In a manner,vertical video wall can be seen as a potent weapon that gives content of all kinds a head start.

6.Created for amusement

Due to the aforementioned eye-catching aspect, entertainment and vertical video wall make a fantastic match.

Flashy technology would not be necessary if people only cared about efficiency. That is, to put it simply, what vertical video wall are. When it comes to entertainment, thinking creatively can pay off. Every viewer’s interest can be piqued and their attention captured by using vertical video wall in a unique and interesting way.

One example of an inventive yet amusing application for vertical video wall can be seen in a KLCC, where the use of vertical video wall was employed to improve the room ambiance by turning the walls into life like windows that any customer would appreciate.

Undoubtedly, one of the pinnacles of digital signage applications is the use of v vertical video wall. Even though they have been around for a while, there are still creative, enjoyable, and interesting ways to use them. There is no greater tool if your business heavily rely on interaction than a vertical video wall.

There will undoubtedly be a cost associated with investing in vertical video wall. However, it can generate the necessary return if implemented properly in your corporate situation.