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Video Conferencing System for Markas Tentera Darat 2021- Complete Solution

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Video Conferencing Solution

Project Background : Supply and Commissioning of Video Conferencing System. Item Supplied are PTZ Camera-ARV950A-12-U3, PTZ Camera- ARV540-10-U2, PTZ Camera-KT-HD80R, and MIic/Speaker- KT-M3X.

Client : Markas Tentera Darat

The modern history of the ATM began with the recruitment of 25 Malay youths as a probation squad of the Malay Army Regiment on 1 March 1933. This regiment continued to grow into a full battalion known as the First Battalion of the Malay Army Regiment on 1 January 1938. The second battalion was established on 1 December 1941. six days before the Second World War began in Malaya. Both battalions have shown their abilities in the war against the Japanese army. After the war, the country was hit by the Communist threat and a state of Emergency was declared in 1948. This situation required the expansion of the armed forces. By 1950 the strength of the Malay Army Regiment had been increased to seven battalions. In times of Emergency as well, the armed forces had seen the establishment of multi -racial forces namely the Federal Regiment and the Federal Armored Car Squadron in 1952. After the country achieved independence in 1957, the Army was well developed and complete to conduct operations against insurgency. Currently the Army force is being rapidly modernized as a conventional military force capable of facing future challenges.

Project Date: October 2021

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