How Videowalls are Revolutionizing Public Spaces

Today in 2019, with the lower cost of latest technology advances both in digital displays and infrastructure, companies can make a justified investment on implementing large, eye-catching videowalls — whether it’s for a new corporate lobby, hotel entrance, or government control room. We have seen an uprising trend in Malaysian organizations from private companies, GLC and government agencies.

Creative Videowall Layouts

Create your own creative video wall Combining with pre-defined display modes, multiple unit cascade and friendly OSD operation, G403 Videowall Controller can create all kinds of playback modes for regular, portrait and irregular video wall with different size, resolution and bezel LCDs at any angle and position without PC or software. It is pure hardware standalone system that can connect with multiple input sources for any kind of LCD, TV or monitor. Users will benefit with great effectiveness, flexibility, reliability and ease-of-use.