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LG OLED Signage at Incheon International Airport & N Seoul Tower [Must See!!!]

The #signage you choose has the power to move hearts and minds by providing the ultimate cultural and artistic experience. LG OLED display has picture quality 30x better than UHD TV. For more info, please visit : https://www.israk.my/digital-signage

LG OLED Features :

Perfect Black
Limitless contrast and deepest black
Self-lighting pixels switch off completely to
reproduce black. No light bleed. Absolute black
offers infinite contrast.

Perfect Color
Accurate & stable color reproduction
Self-lighting pixels bring colors to life
with superb accuracy.

Perfect Viewing Screen
Wide viewing angle
LG OLED Signage delivers awe-inspiring
picture quality across the entire screen,
even from wide viewing angles.

Crisp, Clear Motion
Faster response time
LG OLED Signage provides
5,000 times faster motion
picture response time,
for perfectly clear images
without blurring.

Perfect Design
Slim and light
With just two layers, the LG OLED
Signage Display is unbelievably
light-weight and thin.

Two Displays for Multi-Use
Two-way media experience and space saving thanks to innovative slim depth.

Three Types of Installation
Dedicated accessories available for ceiling, stand and
wall mount.

Dual Screen Mode (Swapping/Mirroring)
Dual-view screens are controlled with remote controller. Swapping and mirroring of content are possible by just pressing a button.