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Problem with Touchscreen Overlay

Problems encountered by #touchscreen overlays and solutions. Israk Overlay touch screen adopts the newest technology-infrared technology which could be added on your normal TV and make it touchable.
For more info, visit out site : https://www.israk.my/touchscreen-overlay
It is a new solution which special designs for different sizes normal monitors and makes the display to interactive touch monitor. Israk Overlay Touch Screens have 300 point/s high speed and make sure the #touchscreen monitor fluency and vivid. It Support all Windows Operation System. Suitable for kiosk or any touch screen application. While this a cost effective solution, please also checkout our Touchscreen Monitor for more robust and elegant solution. It also comes with an optional built-in CPU running Windows. While stock last!!

features :

High Transparency Glass
Perfect compatible with monitor in fashion design

Stable and Strong to Resist Interference
Less static electricity, less radiation

High Precision Touch
Smooth touch, interaction enjoyment

Multi Touch Points
Able to use multi touch at the same time

Long life time

No Limited by Touch Object
Any opaque object is able to touch