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Temperature Scanner : Perbandingan ARVIA FS02 Dengan Teknologi Lain

Dalam video ini saya akan menceritakan tentang perbandingan Temperature scanner ARVIA FS02 dan Teknologi Lain. Terdapat beberapa faktor yang membezakannya . Antaranya:
– Kepantasan mengenal pasti suhu .
– Jarak seseorang dari therminal untuk mengesan suhu atau maklumat
– Harga sesebuah peranti
Untuk maklumat lanjut sila layari https://www.israk.my/fever-screening-system

Temperature Scanner Arvia ARV FS02 is a powerful face recognition and temperature screening system management software. It is used to record body temperature in real time, detect whether to wear a mask, and record identification time. It can realize the functions of device management, staff management, video monitoring, data statistics and access authority management. It is easy to use and efficient, and can easily realize remote intelligent management of face recognition and temperature screening equipment.

This product is based on the linux system, installed with face recognition and temperature measurement application. The built-in face recognition camera module and infrared temperature detector, capable of personnel access management and temperature detection. The user stands in front of the camera to check the body temperature. There is no need for human contact. It is recommended that the distance from the camera is 0.5~1.5 meters and do need to stop or position face within the designated area. This is a real advantage to avoid misunderstanding and complications for users.