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Videowall Display Features & Benefits by LG [Must See!!!]

LG #videowall has the narrowest bezel in the industry, allowing you to assemble video walls that are virtually seamless. Watch to learn about the other great features and benefits. For more info visit : https://www.israk.my/videowall

LG video wall Features :

Narrowest Bezel
Borderless design with its 0.9mm even panel bezel*
enables immersive and seamless viewing experiences
on assembled video wall screens.

Uniform Brightness
LG’s LED backlight technology guarantees high uniformity in brightness to ensure a clear picture. On other screens, certain spots may appear darker than others, but the new VH7B generates high visibility and a consistent brightness across the whole screen.

Clear Viewing Angle
The video wall display ensures clear picture quality even when installed in stacks of more than four. This is very favorable for the quantity of video walls installed in large spaces.

Shine Out
The display is the perfect fit for window displays because it
reflects sunlight for better visibility and a clearer image than conventional panels.

LAN Daisy Chain Performance
A LAN daisy chain allows you to execute commands to control and monitor the screens and even update their firmware.