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Videowall Display Solution by Samsung [ 2018 ]

With their advanced calibration process and superior panel technology, Samsung #videowall are the world’s premier solution for captivating media installations. For more info, visit our site : https://www.israk.my/videowall
Video Wall could be an answer to your need. A video wall consist several number of display screens, panel or ultra narrow bezel TV put together side by side and ontop of each other to become a much larger screen. While normal LED screen can be used, usually you would want to use a specialised screen with a Ultra Narrow bezel-to-bezel (screen border). The narrower the bezel, the more expensive the LED TV. Since the the videowall will be operating in a long duration, a more durable commercial display is preffered to avoid any downtime. Video wall configuration must be supported by the hardware screen display or/and by dedicated video wall software.

Samsung Videowall Features

Ultra-Narrow 1.7mm Bezels
The display features incredibly thin bezels at a mere 1.7mm bezel-to-bezel. So you can create virtually seamless videowalls with elegance and sophistication.

Non-Glare, 500nit Panel for Improved Visibility
The non-glare panel features 500nit brightness to improve visibility of your message in bright ambient light.

Built for 24/7 Use
These displays are built for dependable 24/7 continuous use with commercial-level cooling technologies. So you can meet around the clock operating requirements in venues ranging from retail storefronts to public spaces.

Beautiful Videowalls
Create elaborate, stunning videowalls in an affordable fashion. You can daisy chain up to 25 displays with the Display Port 1.2 digital loop-out feature to achieve 4K UHD (3840×2160) resolution. So you can deliver exceptional content with fine detail for an impactful experience, without the cost of additional PCs, graphic cards or splitters.

Factory Calibration
Factory calibration to precise Samsung specification helps to ensure uniform brightness and minimize color difference across multiple displays. So you can experience color uniformity right out of the box for consistent videowall matrices.

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