It’s the current trend
Effective communication medium
Interesting and available anytime

Over the years, the use of video has grown and broadened significantly not only in the media and entertainment market but also within the enterprise environment such as corporate, government and public agencies, education, hospitality and political parties, among many others. As broadband bandwidth began to increase in speed and availability, delivering high-quality video over the Internet became a reality. Everybody is familiar with Youtube, Vimeo, and more. If you are looking for IPTV solution, which allows distribution of multiple feed sources and interactive content, we also have Hotel IPTV Solution, Hospital IPTV Solution and more. We are a complete solution IPTV provider in Malaysia.


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Looking for an Enterprise WebTV Solution?

From providing media consultancy, hardware and software solutions used for video transcoding, setting up infrastucture, Malaysia specialized media delivery as well as integration to worldwide via Content Delivery Network (CDN) to training and maintenances throughout the year. Our core video streaming technology, Microsoft Silverlight, is an integrated HTTP-based media delivery platform, delivers true HD (1080p+) live and on-demand streaming, DVR functionality, and real-time analytics support to computers, TVs, and mobile devices with a complete multi-format media delivery platform.
When talking about WebTV, we are not refering to the term that is copyrighted by Microsoft which now changed to MSN TV. It that sense, WebTV or IPTV is referred to the Internet which can be viewed on your television instead of a computer monitor. It required special hardware to hook it up to your television but the purpose was Internet access without a computer. GoogleTV is another service provider. In Malaysia, several IPTV services already available namely, Unifi TV, Astro IPTV and Maxis IPTV.

How about Internet television, Internet TV, catch-up TV or Online TV? 

For us, it's all the same technical jargon ... We choose WebTV. You watch the live (from event or television program) or on-demand video content distribution by video streaming technology using a Web browser or mobile devices via Internet. 
This could be used as an Entertainment TV, Training TV, Corporate TV, Intranet TV, or whatever you want to call it. People can view your live or on-demand video via desktop (using a standard web browser such as Internet Exproler, Firefox, Chrome) or Mobile devices (Smartphone & Tablets). 

Types of Online Video Streaming  

  1. Video on Demand
    Collection of hundred or thousand of videos organized into categories or channels. Each user may view a different video at each time.
  2. Live Streaming
    The video feed is being broadcast “live” on the web as the event is happening. Each user views the same video or episode at the same time.
  3. Linear Streaming 
    A compilation of video programs organized in a playlist that continuously being stream. Just like a conventional TV.

WebTV Infrastructure

Ensuring your WebTV is always accessible and anytime. Avoid any hiccups and quick restoration.
webtv infrastructure


The Advantages of WebTV For Your Organization

  • It’s the current trend.
    Videos is everywhere and the new generation is on the internet more than they are watching TV.
  • Effective communication medium.
    It is the best medium for distribution of information about your organization or messages you wish to show to everyone in the world.
  • Interesting and available anytime.
    People can view videos at their convenient place and time.
  • Own WebTV
    Own branding, customized and full control to maintain the highest quality which represents your organization.

WebTV Video Production and Preparation

From video production, editing to preparing video for the web, we are here to ensure your Online TV success.

webtv video production