What is Digital Signage?

Digital signage is a display of digital content such as video, images and text on any LED, plasma or LCD screen. Normally, with Digital signage software, it provides easy management and control of the content being display across networks for one or more displays. It is used for delivering corporate messages or values, announcement or news, information or maybe just for decoration purposes, replacing traditional printed media.

The LED, Plasma or LCD screen is normally connected to a CPU-based digital signage media player which store the programmed or schedule display with layouts ready to be shown on the screen. This program can be remotely controlled by digital signage software that can easily change the content and every single aspect of the display.

Digital Signage System can be:

• managed remotely (via network from LAN or anywhere in the world)
• updated in real time
• schedule content and operation
• changed regularly or automatically.
• interactive
• simple or complex, single or thousands of display
• configured with 1 or 2 zones of display
• comprise of video, images, text, powerpoint, RSS, Live feed and more. 

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