Many factors contribute to the increased usage and acceptance of digital signage. Digital signage has
become a highly efficient and effective communications medium for the public as well as internal communication amongs staff and student within campus. Digital signage improve demographic efficiency,
communicate marketing, advertising, informational and promotional messages.
Market research and forecasts released in 2010 by IMS Research attest to the stature of digital signage.
The research reveals the digital signage market reached $3.9 billion in 2009 and will grow at a 20 percent clip annually through the end of 2012.
Another good measure of the popularity of digital signage as a communications medium is the amount of money marketers are willing to spend to communicate their message via digital signs.
Why digital signage enjoying such popularity? Why are more professional communicators,
marketers and advertisers turning to this medium to deliver their important messages?

Why Digital Signage?

Digital signage can create just the right atmosphere to encourage a customer to stay with you, spending more of their time and money. Keeping your visitors informed of the latest news and local information while they’re doing their shopping is a great way to deliver a better customer experience, where they are informed and up-to-date. With some nice content, you can also keep them entertained as well, so if they have to queue at any time they won’t perceive the wait and won’t get at all frustrated.

Digital signage technology can drastically change and improve the way your company interacts and communicates with your customers, alllowing you to deliver personalised, instantly updatable messages when and where they are at their most effective – all whilst reducing your costs and increasing your revenues at the same time!

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