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WordPress vs Joomla vs Drupal

wordpress vs joomla vs drupal

WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are the most popular web-based content management system. They are open source software which means they are free to download. All of them are built on PHP and use MySQL as their database management system. In this article, we will compare these popular CMS platform to see their differences. The wordPress that we are comparing is wordPress.org not wordPress.com . We provide beginner to advanced Drupal training for Malaysia government and a private company.

WordPress Joomla Drupal
 wordpress-logo  joomla-logo  drupal-logo
Released in 2003 by Matt Muttenwegg Released in 2003 by Mambo Released in 2001 by Dreis Buytaert
Homepage www.wordpress.org www.joomla.org www.drupal.org
About Platform WordPress is a free web software for beginners by creating template-based websites, blogs and e-commerce stores. Joomla is a flexible web publishing tool that is great for e-commerce or social networking websites,  but requires a basic understanding of technical skills. An open source platform that most difficult but powers. Drupal is often used for developing community-based sites. It requires a familiar understanding of HTML, CSS and PHP.
Level Of Skill Needed Technical experience is not necessary. A simple website can be set up quickly. Easier to paste text from a Microsoft Word document into a WordPress but not into Joomla and Drupal. Joomla is less complex than Drupal but more complex than WordPress. It need more time to familiar with the interface. Drupal requires the most technical expertise than WordPress and Joomla but it is capable of producing the most advanced sites.
Cost Free Free Free
Installation Time 5 mins 10 mins 10 mins
One Click Install Yes Yes Yes
SEO Friendly Excellent SEO Basic SEO Good SEO
Sites Use This Platform CNN Money, The New York Observer Harvard University, IKEA NBC, Patch
Best Of Use Best for blogging and new sites for an easy to manage site. Best to make e-commerce and social networking. Joomla is suitable build a site with more content and structure are more flexible than WordPress Best for advanced, complex, complex data organization, community platform with multiple users and for online stores.