You need a management software for designing layout, scheduling and publishing content to entire signage displays.

digital signage softwareWe bring along a few choices of Digital Signage Software to fit our client's requirements. Digital signage software helps user to manage all contents such as videos, images, scrolling text, RSS, Flash objects and many more dynamically and organized. We provide a software as easy as abc up to advnaced software depending on our client's needs & requirements.

From FREE Digital Signage software to a
 simple yet powerful web-based tools to manage your digital signage system. Either hosted in the cloud or installed on your PC or within your server environment. Automates the design and distribution of a wide variety of multi-media file formats into playlists. Use your favorite web-browser such as Chrome, IE & Firefox on different operating system.

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Cloud digital signageIsrak's CloudSignage CMS, a powerful tools for your system.

Our cloud-based Digital Signage software help you create, schedule and deliver contents to any of your digital signs scattered anywhere, as well as manage your digital signage network over internet. It will be an ideal solution for your advertising or information publication. As an approved MSC Malaysia Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), we comply with MDeC stringent requirement for cloud-based solution.




Web-based Browser Interface
  • Authorize user can login from any desktop with designated IP installed with IsrakSignage CMS
  • Easily operate anytime and anywhere
  • Applicable for multi-national users or business travelers
  • Intuitive, central management


User Account & Group Management
  • System administration can manage accounts and assign different authority levels
  • Manager - Manage the account, approve schedule, receive player malfunction email, publish urgent casts
  • Normal User - Media files and playlists management, send request for schedule publishing


Scheduling and Publishing
  • Graphical calendar interface for intuitive search and reading
  • Advanced editing for each playlist to set start time, duration and recurrence of playtime
  • Published schedule downloadable, and played at chosen site
  • Set a specific time range for schedule downloading
media library
Media Library
  • Import and organize multimedia files
  • A variety of digital multimedia formats are supported: HTML URL, MMS, Jpeg, Gif, Png, AVI, VOB, WMV, MPEG, MP4, Flash, PowerPoint, MP3, portable EXE file (at player)
  • Batch Upload – reduce repetitive, time-consuming tasks
Multiple Zones Display
  • Split display up to 16 zones
  • Create new zones by quick buttons and drag desired size and location
  • Adjust overlap and order of zones

Scrolling Ticker
  • Create ticker zone of any size anywhere within a template
  • One-line scrolling text information along with media content
  • Support static text and real-time information through a RSS feed
  • Adjustable ticker font, color, speed and location

Preset and Customize Templates
• Built-in templates or customized layout design; supports either 4:3 or 16:9 display screens; 16 Landscape and Portrait preset template choices
• Create layout and save as template, insert zones and set attributes one by one

Playlist Editing Setting and defining content in the zones
• Edit Playlist according to layout template
• Set media list for each individual zone
• Create a Combolist to Link or embed multiple playlists for faster schedule recurrence settings
• Preload urgent cast messages to signage players for immediate playback when a situation arises

Real-time Video
• Incorporate Video Input (Analog S-Video or Analog RCA Video) into a zone (currently available for SA2000 only)
• Remotely Launch Embedded Executable Programs (.exe)
• Remotely launch and execute programs and/or Java programs preinstalled on the signage appliance

Auto Recovery
• Automatically restart software to continue playback schedule
• Automatically reload the required content or schedule
• Automatically delete expired or low-priority information to continue new content


Cloud digital signageDigital Signage CDMS


 Digital signage is a form of electronic display that shows television programming, menus, information, advertising and other messages. Digital signs (such as LCD, LED, plasma displays, or projected images) can be found in public and private environments, such as retail stores, hotels, restaurants and corporate buildings.

 Our software help you create, schedule and deliver contents to any of your digital signs scattered anywhere, as well as manage your digital signage network over internet. It will be an ideal solution for your advertising or information publication.


Web-based System

  •   Web-based System.
  •   Dynamic Layout Template
  •   Display System Status Summary
  •   Player Management & Group Info
  •   ‘Live’ display screenshot
  •   Playlist Scheduling
  •   On/Off Timer Management
  •   Workflow Audit
  •   Download  Strategy – avoid network congestion during download content
  •   Playback Record (Proof of Play)
  •   Roles & User Management
  •   Remote System Software Update
  •   System Backup

Dynamic Layout Template


Media Management

Display System Status Summary

‘Live’ display screenshot

Playlist Scheduling

Timetable – gives you a visualization view of the program  schedules.In the Date box, specify the date that you want to view the  schedule, and then click Search.

Then schedules of the specified day and the next 4 days  will be given.

System Backup

Restore - Restore to recover the system. NOTE: System restore will affect the

current users and require re-login.

Backup - allows you to backup the system manually.

There are two backup methods:

Manual Backup - Click the button Backup to backup the latest database and  media files.

Scheduled Backup - System will backup automatically at 3 o'clock a.m. every  Sunday.



Easy-to-use playlist builder with automatic media player recognition

Supports LAN or USB playlist publishing

Available application templates and screen zone design options

Robust playlist scheduler

Support for landscape or portrait screen orientation

Playlist preview function

Compatible with Windows OS 7, 8, 10