Looking for an advanced controller for your videowall?

Designing a video wall (within a budget) can be a daunting task. We frequently received different types of project requirement from the simplest to the most complicated or has a budget constraint. But do you even need a controller? How can you save cost? Video wall configuration is supported by a different type of videowall controller and dedicated video wall software.  Click here for our complete quick guideline for designing a video wall system or you may schedule for a demo and experience videowall control system your self and discuss with our videowall expert.  Please contact 03-8940 1722 to set up an appointment. 


What kind of display control and flexibility do you require?

Retail video wall

I only want to show digital signage of corporate message or branding.

This is the simplest deployment of the video wall. If you plan to use it at a lobby this is possibly the choice to go. It's the cheapest deployment, either using the daisy-chain function of the LCD video or using a low-cost controller with one input and fix number of outputs depending on the number of TVs.  The video wall is connected to a single digital signage media player, that receives a content update and schedule via an IP network.


Meeting room video wall

I would like to use for fullscreen presentation but has the flexibility to change to different sources.

This is the option if you are under a tight budget, do not need a complex input switching and layout placement, and only wish to change display layout and sources once in a while. Using economical, appliance-based controller with a fixed number of inputs and outputs matrix switcher will satisfy this requirement. The changes can be done via remote control, a physical button on the controller itself or via a basic web GUI on desktop or tablet.

modular video wall

I require scalable, complex and advanced controls

If you are looking for videowall solution to be used in a control center, this is for you. We have a modular matrix switcher with great advantages. It is scalable, support multiple video wall displays, flexible sources placement, drag and drop feature with preview and full-featured control and management software. It is important to understand more than just which source formats, how many input and output channels must be supported, future plan and upgrade to allow room for expension.


IP based video wall

I require complex and most advanced controls with KVM feature.

Beside full featured videowall functionality, IP-based videowall controller offers more features by implementing H.264/H.265 video streaming to create a virtual video matrix. Optional feature such KVM feature allows control center to manage and control other servers or PC from a central place in one monitor. It fully depends on IP infrastructure, therefore a very good network switch over 100Gbps bandwidth transfer capacity is required for smooth switching.

Best videowall controller for every needs.

Modular Controller VPX-1000/2000/3000

Modular Video Wall Controller product family are an appliance-based video wall processors and built on a proprietary FPGA-based hardware platform on an embedded operating system, provides highly expandable and flexible solutions for video display walls, particularly for control and command center. Capable of integrating any type of video and data source such as HDMI, DVI, VGA, IP sources, and SDI on any display wall configuration up to 144 inputs or 72 outputs. Combine with easy to use and intuitive videowall software, user can create, resize, move input/windows to any location across a large video wall display with ultra-fast and seamless switching. VPX Series are widely used in areas as diverse in Public Utility Control Centers, Intelligent Traffic Management Centers, Security and Surveillance Facilities, Military Command and Control Centers, Energy Management Rooms, Process Control Rooms, Call Centers, Board Rooms, Network Operation Centers (NOC), and Financial Management Control Rooms.
Modular Videowall VPX1000


Modular videowall processor


IP-Based Videowall & KVM Controller

For complex and most advanced controls with KVM feature, choose IP-based Videowall Control System, which is combined features of KVM matrix, video wall control and smart workspace

  • No KVM Server required
  • No Video Wall Matrix required
  • No HDMI/KVM Extender required
  • No LED Wall Controller required
  • No Input Preview Card required to watch real-time content
  • No limit on the channels of source and quantity of video wall display
ip-based KVM videowall controller


IP based Videowall System