IP-Based Videowall & KVM Enterprise Command Center

Our company is pleased to offer the best in class Videowall solution, DigiBird’s DB-VWC2-M4 Series video wall controllers which are are appliance-based video wall processors and built on a proprietary FPGA-based hardware platform, designed with a proprietary system controller (with dedicated processor), high speed cross-point video bus, and a customized and embedded operating system.

The DigiBird Video Wall Controller product family provides high performance, real-time video processing and scaling. It is a highly expandable and flexible solutions for video display walls, particularly for large-scale multi-screen systems with mission critical applications in the most demanding environments. The system also combines centralized and distributed processing architectures, which mean the remote input sources can be connected to the DigiBird video wall controller through IP decoder cards and the DigiBird encoders that stream media content over a network.

Capable of integrating any type of video and data source on any display wall configuration, our products and solutions are widely used in areas as diverse as Video Conference Rooms, Public Utility Control Centers, Intelligent Traffic Management Centers, Security and Surveillance Facilities, Military Command and Control Centers, Energy Management Rooms, Process Control Rooms, Call Centers, Board Rooms, Network Operation Centers (NOC), Financial Management Control Rooms, and including the high-end Residential Market, for example high-end home theaters.

Videowall Markets


Which Video Wall Controller model that is right for you.

Step I: Confirm the number of required Input/Output (I/O) ports. Take for example a 2x4 video wall project. For this videowall project, you would need 8x outputs. If, for example, connecting 8 PC signals and 4 DVD signals, the total number of inputs would be 12x. With this type of video wall project, you are able to confirm 8x output signals and 12x input signals.

Step II: Confirm I/O signal interfaces. As DigiBird's Input and Output cards are based on a modular design, the user must specify which signal interfaces he requires for his inputs and outputs so that the hardware chassis can be populated with the associated cards. In this sample project, the outputs have DVI interfaces and the inputs all have HDMI interfaces. This means you would require multiple DVI output cards and HDMI input cards. DigiBird will populate the chassis with the correlative I/O Cards according to the buyer's demand in our factory before shipping.

Step III: Confirm I/O card (or slots) numbers. In this sample project which requires 8x DVI Outputs and 12x HMDI Inputs, two Quad-Channel DVI Output Cards (4x output ports per card) and three Quad-Channel HDMI Input Cards (4x input ports per card) will do the job for the video wall. In sum, this project would require two Output Cards and three Input Cards populated in the associated chassis.

Step IV: Select your DigiBird chassis. The DigiBird VWC2-M4-C3 is a 3U-sized chassis which supports 2 output slots, 6 input slots and 1 Power Supply Units (PSUs). The DigiBird VWC2-M4-C3 will fulfill the requirements of this sample project.

Videowall inputs

Modular Videowall controller