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We offer a different type of hardware for your touchscreen project. Readymade & customization is welcome. We will be glad to be your partner. Your project deserves the feature-rich and most reliable touchscreen kiosk available technology in Malaysia.   

Floor Standing Kiosk

Floor Standing

This vertical touchscreen kiosk suitable for standing users as well as fully accessible by those in wheelchairs. A content display can be easily seen from a distance and can be used for almost any application,  hence it can reach your target audience from farther away.

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Horizontal Kiosk

A popular option in a corporate information and interactive application since does not limit the height of the user to navigate the whole screen because the whole thing is now lower. Furthermore, it looks elegant and eye-catching.

ipad kiosk

Tablet/Ipad Kiosk

The are many Android and iPad apps readily available and easy to develop. Hence the need for this tablet kiosk/enclosure. Usually, it must come with lock-capable enclosure and option to fix to the floor or table to ensure safety. either tabletop or floor stand.

touch monitor

Touchscreen Monitor

Touch monitor or panel to be placed on a wall or existing kiosk. Our modern and slim-type touch monitor & android tablet is suitable for any occasion. There are different sizes available from 13" to 65" of IR, Touch Foil or Capacitive Touch technology.


Touch Technology






Create, Design, Publish & Monitor Your Touchscreen Kiosk. Introducing Israk CDMS & IsraKiosk5 Software

Our Content Distribution Management System  (CDMS), is a server-based on LAN/WAN network platform and adopts distributed regional management technology, which can effectively integrate various multimedia resources including interactive touchscreen programs. It offers remote production, publishing, and management of programs or playlist. The Interactive touch program allows users to create an interactive interface, switch multiple pages, run APK applications such as Android games, browse a website, play live or VOD videos and browsing multiple pictures.  You may create main and sub-menu to navigate different the corresponding pages or contents. In short, this is an easy to use program, very powerful and feature-rich to meet every need for modern touchscreen project.

IsraKiosk5 provides content development and customization based on Web-based HTML5 with backend CMS which capable to offer a more intuitive user interface (UI). You may choose which solution best suit you depending on your requirement and scenario. Our solution creates powerful interactive experiences in office lobby, trade shows, product launches, pitches and sales meetings. It offers high impact and memorable interactive experiences are at your fingertips. Our services include graphic designs and customization to meet your need

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