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Beautiful display with great usability & minimal design.
Meeting Room Booking System
IPS Panel Choices : 10.1", 13.3" & 15.6"
Makes your workplace smarter.
Make the most out of your time and office spaces.


Make your meeting-room facility more efficient.

Now, it a pleasure and hassle-free to manage reservations and increase demand for your meeting rooms. It's simple, straightforward and transparent pricing for everyone.


ArviaMeeting optimizes the look and feels of your meeting room facilities by adding a display panel with lots of useful functionality. The panel communicates directly with Exchange/Office 365 – so there is no need for any software to be installed in your datacenter. ArviaMeeting also has an optional large overview screen with meeting room information to be placed in your reception area. ArviaMeeting has an enterprise management tool that lets you do all configurations with ease.

Contact us for a demo, you will not be disappointed in regards to price and functionality. We offer competitive lifetime pricing. Why pay every month when you can only once at an affordable price? 

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Room Booking Display System Key Features

Room Booking System Software

Connects to the most widespread calendar systems in the world. You won't have to learn yet another software. Communicates directly with Microsoft Exchange / Office 365, and Google Suite – No need for any additional software installation. 
Booking Room Display

Manage all your display panel settings, logos and background images with ArviaRoom cloud configuration solution. While you can configure display panel individually, central management is much easier to manage and faster. Just enter the code and password, it will synchronize everything.   
Room Booking Customize Display

Display panels are simple and simply show the relevant meeting information. In addition, with ArviaMeeting you can easily customize your logo and background image on your display panels to suit your corporate needs and feels. 
Room Booking Multi room

ArviaMeeting gives you the option to do instant bookings – Not only on the current room, but on other rooms as well. 2 ways booking allows you to book the current room or other rooms directly from the panel.

Meetingroom Booking System

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Meeting Room Booking Specs