Simple & Effective

Room Booking System

Helps you schedule your meeting rooms


Meeting Room Scheduling Software
Our software is a web based booking software package that makes it easy for you to manage rooms and resources and to book a room anywhere, even if it is in a different time zone or location.

Having people keep track of meeting room usage wastes time and leaves place for human error. By using a dedicated software you are not only gaining time for other tasks, but also exclude the possibility of double booking meeting rooms. 

Instant Booking
The fastest way to book a meeting is straight from the homepage with just one click.

Quickly enter meeting details by choosing previously used ones in the auto-suggest menu

Meeting Search
Jump directly to the meeting you are interested in by using the top right search box

Whether your users need to book, supervise, only view schedule or be invited to meetings as external users, you are covered, as YArooms provides ways of achieving any of the above and many more room booking scenarios