LED Display Videowall
Smart and beautiful display with great usability & minimal design.
Meeting Room Booking System
IPS Panel Choices : 10.1", 13.3" & 15.6"


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video wall

Command & Control Center

Our IP-based Video wall offers all-in-one KVM solution for most demanding and mission-critical video wall application such as Data Center, Disaster Control Center, Military Command Center, Traffic Command Center and more. It provides seamless integration with IP-based CCTV Camera and other AV Controls system. You can have multiple video walls and our software is customization to work with PC or iPad to control what to be shown on the screen.
Corporate video wall

Meeting Room or Conference Hall

You need an effective method for sharing an information or desktop from multiple sources. Using simple to use video wall software via PC or iPad, the administrator can choose to instantly share anyone's desktop/presentations, review documents, or dial into their video conferencing system to collaborate with remote colleagues. You may consider LED Matrix video wall with pitch size below 2.0   
creative video wall

Corporate Lobby & Creative Videowall

More economical and simpler configuration but mainly used for projection of a digital signage showcasing company portfolio or activities. It can be used as a creative video wall with a minimal screen 2x2 configuration to more. A regular layout may use the built-in daisy-chain feature that comes with the Video wall LCD display, but a creative video wall, it requires an appliance-based videowall controller.

Meetingroom Booking System

android Meeting Room

Meeting Room Booking Specs

Room Booking System

Helps you schedule your meeting rooms


Meeting Room Scheduling Software
Our software is a web based booking software package that makes it easy for you to manage rooms and resources and to book a room anywhere, even if it is in a different time zone or location.

Having people keep track of meeting room usage wastes time and leaves place for human error. By using a dedicated software you are not only gaining time for other tasks, but also exclude the possibility of double booking meeting rooms. 

Instant Booking
The fastest way to book a meeting is straight from the homepage with just one click.

Quickly enter meeting details by choosing previously used ones in the auto-suggest menu

Meeting Search
Jump directly to the meeting you are interested in by using the top right search box

Whether your users need to book, supervise, only view schedule or be invited to meetings as external users, you are covered, as YArooms provides ways of achieving any of the above and many more room booking scenarios