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New Normal : Meeting and Collaboration Online
Be More Productive & Efficient by Conducting Virtual Meeting Via Video Conferencing

With remote work as the new normal, video conferencing has become even more critical to daily business operations. Professionals need to have quality equipment to hold quality meetings. The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated remote work, resulting in professionals relying on collaboration tools more than ever. Phone calls have shifted to email and instant messaging, conferences have become webinars, and meetings have shifted to video conferences. 

Nowadays an increasing number of organizations are taking advantage of online video conferencing. The advance of camera technology and better internet access contribute greatly to this shift of usage of technology. The cost is the most economical and affordable for any organization from small to a large corporations. From simple devices such as personal smartphones to multi-camera PTZ video conferencing systems. Sometimes it's integrated into an interactive smartboard system as well as digital signage and as a result, the employee must be knowledgable in terms of its technicality and getting familiarize for these types of meetings. Of course, face-to-face is ideal but due to distance, travelling time, cost and traffic jams, the next best thing is definitely video conferencing. Video conferencing can save travel time and increase productivity, thus it has been increasingly changing the business world significantly.

This technology can range from free social software such as Zoom & Skype, professional cloud-based video conferencing like GoToMeeting or Webex to dedicated room-based telepresence like Cisco, etc. No matter what technology it adopts, it is imperative to make use of video conference best practices in order to have a productive video conference.


Video Conferencing Software


Video Conferencing Application



Video Conferencing Camera

Arvia Video Conferencing
PTZ Camera ARV-VC420

8MP Blackmagic 4K 60FPS IP PoE  1/2.5'' 4K Sony CMOS sensor; 8.51 Megapixel, 16: 9  5X , 12X Optical Zoom. Interface: HDMI usb3.0,Lan,A-in
Video Conferencing

Arvia Video Conferencing
PTZ Camera ARV-VC580

FullHD NDI IP Camera 12x 20x 30x Optical Zoom PTZ NDI for Live Broadcasting - SDI USB HDMI. HDMI, 3G-SDI,LAN (POE), CVBS,RS232in/out,RS485 A-IN


Video Conferencing camera

Arvia Video Conferencing
PTZ Camera ARV-VC950

Full HD HDMI PTZ Camera with 2X, 20X, 30X Optical Zoom. HDMI, 3G-SDI, LAN, RS232,RS485. USB3.0, DVI(HDMI), LAN, RS232(IN), A-IN
Video Conferencing Camera

Arvia Video Conferencing
PTZ Camera ARV-VC200

Ultra HD 4K ePTZ camera USB3.0 output Auto framing video conferencing. Panasonic 1/2.5 Inch 4K CMOS Sensor. 4x Digital Zoom 
Video Conferencing Camera Set

Arvia Video Conferencing
PTZ Camera ARV-VC540

  Video Conference Kit Solution with HD PTZ Camera 5X, 10X, 12X, 20X, 30X Optical Zoom & Speakerphone All-in-one Conference Cam 
2.07 Megapixel, 16: 9


Video Conferencing Controller

Arvia PTZ Camera Controller ARV-VC2000

IP Joystick PTZ 4D Keyboard Controller Supporting ONVIF, VISCA, Serial port VISCA, PELCO-D/P protocols and etc. Control up to 255 Cameras


Video conferencing is in many ways similar to any other type of conference call. It allows two or more people to communicate with each other in real-time, without being in the same location. Unlike a telephone conference, a video conference allows participants to see each other during the call. In addition to letting participants see one another during the meeting, video conferencing also often provides the option of sharing information, such as documents or a presentation, during the call. Here are our top reasons to embrace the business-minded benefits of video.

Reduced Travel Time and Costs

The ability for staff to be in client meetings or solve issues without leaving their offices can help drive business productivity.

Optimized Attendance

Increased attendance from dispersed internal teams and clients is possible for participants who otherwise would have been debilitated by location.

Increased Productivity

As a result of improved communications, participants are more in sync, decisions are able to be made faster, and productivity increases.

Structured Meetings

Predefined start and end-times for people calling from different locations prior to the video call allows for a more focused discussion.

Employee Retention

Fewer travel requirements allow a better work/life balance and employees can choose to work from home to alleviate cost of commuting.

Sustained Competitive Advantage

All of these aspects mean video conferencing provides a strong competitive advantage for your business.