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Matrix Switcher Modular Hybrid Videowall Controller Solution 2023

Matrix Switcher

DigiBird's powerful, high-resolution, 4K-capable modular hybrid matrix switchers are available in Input/Output units of 8x8, 18x18, 36x36, 72x72 and 144x144.

matrix switcher
2U Chassis, 2x hot-swappable PSU, 4x input slots, 4x output slots and up to 8×8 input/output channels.
4U Chassis, 2x hot-swappable PSU, 9x input slots, 9x output slots and up to 18×18 input/output channels.
8U Chassis, 2x hot-swappable PSU, 18x input slots, 18x output slots and up to 36×36 input/output channels.
16U Chassis, 4x hot-swappable PSU, 36x input slots, 36x output slots and up to 72×72 input/output channels.
30U Chassis, 4x hot-swappable PSU, 72x input slots, 72x output slots and up to 144×144 input/output channels.

Our dynamic hybrid matrix switchers are used for solutions as diverse as traffic and transportation centers, conference rooms, boardrooms, classrooms, command and control centers and security monitoring centers. Request quotation today or visit our shop, ArviaShop.

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