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Create stunning & impressive large display.

Thinking about putting a big screen on your boardroom or lobby to impress your visitors or customers? 
Do you need many screens with multiple inputs for your Network Operation Center (NOC)? 

Video Wall could be an answer to your need. A video wall consist several number of display screens, panel or ultra narrow bezel TV put together side by side and ontop of each other to become a much larger screen. While normal LED screen can be used, usually you would want to use a specialised screen with a Ultra Narrow bezel-to-bezel (screen border).  The narrower the bezel, the more expensive the LED TV. Since the the videowall will be operating in a long duration, a more durable commercial display is preffered to avoid any downtime. Video wall configuration must be supported by the hardware screen display or/and by dedicated video wall software. 

what is a video wall

Videowall projects

videowall malaysia
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Applications for Videowall
Videowall Markets

Type of Videowall

Regardless your videowall configuration we have different Video Wall solution that will meet your budget and plan. We offer complete solution for you including content layout, graphics design, videowall bracket, videowall floorstand, accessories, training, technical support & maintenance, as well as installation and comissioning around Malaysia. Depending on the number of of LED displays and number of inputs we have can offer you a different solutions below. Please take note we have different solution. We need to be clear the objective of your videowall projects and requirement in order to propose which suitable solution and most cost effective.  Request quotation today and checkout our 

The simplest videowall configuration is to "project" and output from a PC or media player onto to all screens via 1 HDMI cable or Display Port 1.2 . Basically, this is from a single input being "stretched" to ALL screens, just like a projector. This can be achieved via built-in daisy-chain function in the latest dedicated videowall LED display from Samsung, Panasonic or LG Videowall series (we carry all major videowall brands). This can be 2x2, 3x2, 3x3 or any matrix configuration to meet your requirement. Although this is single source videowall display, the layout of the source can be designed using our Digital Signage software which allows you to add multiple video, pictures or text and schedule when to display each layout design. Mostly suitable for lobby and showroom, where you need large screen to welcome visitor/staff and provide latest info/news/activities and products.

Similar to the #1, this is also a single source videowall display, but it offer the 'creative mode' capability and able to work on aytime type of LCD screen with mix resolution or size.  Compact Videowall controller  is a hardware-based controller has fixed number of input/output but can be combined for larger screen. Each controller has1 input and 4 outputs, but can be combined for more screens, perfect for small deployment or creative videowall design. The content layout of the source can be designed using our Digital Signage software which allows you to add multiple video, pictures or text and schedule when to display each layout design. Mostly suitable for lobby and showroom, where you need large screen to welcome visitor/staff and provide latest info/news/activities and products.

If you require more advanced functions or more inputs, you will need to use a videowall controller, an external box to 'combine' all the LCD display to work as one videowall unit. You will need a Modular Videowall controller. This hardware-based controller is suitable for more displays output and multiple input. Based on selected series, you can display 2, 4 or 8 input per LCD display. We can support upto 144x screens video wall display, 576x windows and 152x HD input sources! In addition, the powerful softwares is provided for PC-based, iOS or Android for input screen placement/layout and configuration. Mostly suitable for Network Operation Center (NOC) and Meeting rooms where there are many operator PC can be connected to the big Videowall screen.

Similar to #3, this type handle many inputs and output. You will need a Modular Hybrid Matrix Switchers. This hardware-based switch between input and and display to selected output screen, but not able to merge multiple TV from a single input. While switching can be done, only 1 input can be projected onto 1 TV (amongs many tv screen). Unlike #3, this type can overlap or show multiple input in a single TV. We can support upto 144x screens and switching.

Daisy-chained Videowall

Example Diagram Videowall Configuration using VWC2-H4-C4

videowall configuration

Videowall Products

Video Wall LED Display

You would require a dedicated Videowall commercial LED display to be used as your screen, instead of regular TV. The feature you are looking for is an ultra narrow bezel ie 3.5mm bezel-bezel, 24/7 operation usage, daisy-chain functions, auto on-off or potrait/landscape feature. We carry all popular brand such as Samsung, Panasonic, LG and BenQ commercial videowall display.


Video Wall Software

Remotely control DigiBird's line of Video Wall Controllers/Processors. Available in Windows, iOS and Android Apps. That means you can control your videowall layout and configuration via PC, iPad or tablet.Easily creates the window layouts of the video wall, supports opening, closing, positioning, overlapping, scaling, sizing of the windows. Supports saving, recalling and management of scenes(presets). Supports controlling of cascade devices like DigiBird matrix switchers, third-party matrix switchers, or LCD panels, etc.

videowall software

Modular Video Wall Controllers

Appliance-based video wall processors and built on a proprietary FPGA-based hardware platform, designed with a proprietary system controller (with dedicated processor), high speed cross-point video bus, and a customized and embedded operating system.

Modular Hybrid Matrix Switchers

Powerful, high-resolution, 4K-capable modular hybrid matrix switchers are available in Input/Output units of 8x8, 18x18, 36x36, 72x72 and 144x144. This dynamic hybrid matrix switchers are used for solutions as diverse as traffic and transportation centers, conference rooms, boardrooms, classrooms, command and control centers and security monitoring centers.

Matrix Switcher

Compact Video Wall Controllers

The cheapest and simplest solution to build an eye-catching and creative video wall. It is an ideal video wall solution for retail stores, sport bars, hotel lobbies, shopping malls, restaurants, trade shows and entertainment venues. Independently flipped or rotated, alignment of varying resolutions and display sizes to build an asymmetrical, distinctive video wall.

Compact Videowall Controller


Example Creative Videowall Layouts 

Videowall layouts