About Digital Signage.

Digital Signage is the new trend. These cutting edge communication networks allow you to create and deliver timely, targeted messages that inform, educate and motivate your audiences without your budget taking a painful hit. Talk to  to learn more. 

We are MSC-Status company, powered By Israk Technology Sdn Bhd,  we embrace this technology by providing latest trend, powerful digital signage software and hardware such as digital signage player as well as complete services for your digital signage deployment. Our team of highly skilled professionals is able to introduce innovative ways for businesses to communicate with their intended audiences for a variety of purposes including informing, educating, entertaining and selling. Even, the latest trend, we see digital signage is being utilized in wedding ceremony, on wedding stage (pelamin pengantin) to showcase pictures or video of bride and groom. If you arelooking for an Interactive Whiteboard, click here.

We have partnered with a number of key reputable companies and will continue to build further partnerships to deliver the most effective solutions for our customers.

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