As part of our Digital Signage solutions, we offer industrial grade media player to build their digital network either locally via LAN or over the wide area network (WAN). These devices are the heart of the digital signage ecosystem. Although they are professional signage display that comes with built-in media player running a different type of operating system, an external media player is preferred to become the endpoint, a remote agent of the digital signage system. It's connected to the professional TV display where the digital signage software or digital signage server can communicate to receive and display further layout schedule, command or control instruction. Digital signage media player, unlike any typical media player for IPTV or other purposes, is designed using advanced media or RISC processors with enabling firmware to meet the requirement in processing high-quality digital media processing.

Through years of digital signage business, we have used many types of media player of different brand and quality in the market. In the end, we are not only looking for a cheaper solution but more focus on reliability and feature-rich and complete solution. Our digital signage media players have powered thousands of digital signs across retail, healthcare, hospitality and food service organizations in Malaysia, making it one of the leading platform providers in the Malaysian market. It offers network-manageable digital signage platform which offers high computing performance, great flexibility that supports versatile media formats, and compatible with Android or  Window®-based digital signage application software. Those industrial-grade signage platforms are designed with long term operation and function in mind; therefore, they can minimize the downtime compared to the off-the-shelf consumer-grade PC.

Digital Signage Solutions

One of our most preferred media players is NovoDS™ by Vivitek. This digital signage solution is an excellent choice to control your digital signage system. The solution includes a NovoDS Media Player or NovoDS4K hardware, NovoDS Studio Digital Signage Software, NovoDS Mobile and NovoDS Remote Apps. NovoDS™ solutions allow you to manage AV digital sign devices centrally over wired and wireless networks with the ability to group multiple devices and synchronize playback. The system manager has access to real-time monitoring of the playback status of each device. It’s easy to create schedules for individual or group devices, allowing you to set the frequency, duration, start/end dates, and more. Hardware options include NovoDS, an easy-to-manage digital signage solution, and NovoDS4K, which is capable of displaying 3840x2160 content.




Key features of NovoDS™ include:

  • Easy to use digital signage software – no programming skills required;  
  • A multitude of built-in and fully customizable templates;
  • Broad support of on-line content, including Twitter, RSS, YouTube, and more;
  • Centralized device management over Intranet and Internet; • Open software API for AV system integration;
  • Small form factor, powerful hardware players that support 4K video, HDMI Input, PoE, and more. test