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A very common question we received is, what's the different between consumer and commercial-grade screens? Which one is best for your company? Well, the answer is depend on you!  Learn more there ....
We carry few brand namely, Samsung and Panasonic Large Format Display (LFD), a term used for professional or commercial display. There are many sizes of display from 30-90inches. Video wall is another term used where 2 or more of these display are combined or put together to form a larger screen. The difference is normally for video wall, the narrow bezel, a TV border. The narrower the better as the combination may not seems obvious but more expensive. Come talk to our digital signage expert to choose which professional display is suitable for you.

Samsung Commercial Display           Panasonic Commercial Display             Sony Professional Signage Display 
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Samsung Commercial Display

NEC Commercial Display

Panasonic Commercial Display