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Mass Fever Screening & Temperature Detection System
Accurate & simulteneous detection up to 20 peoples suitable for public area and heavy traffic.
Touch-Free, Easier & Safer Access. Next Generation Solution.


1st Defence System Against Covid19

In response to the alarming Coronavirus pandemic worldwide, we have launched a non-contact thermal imaging intelligent temperature measurement system solution. Through the combination of surface temperature scanner and real-time thermal images, the body surface temperature can be detected, which can be quickly and safely screened if the temperature is abnormal, take measures quickly from multiple people to prevent the fever from flowing. This equipment if installed and configured correctly is very accurate (for fever detection system), durable to use, easy to install and work, can be flexibly controlled, reducing personnel investment. Additionally, in the case of a large number of people, rapid detection and screening can also be performed.


Why Infrared Technology is Suitable For Fever Screening System?   

An important symptom for COVID19 infection is an increased body temperature, generally known as fever. A fever screening thermograph should be an element of the layered screening process for those diseases specifically associated with elevated fever. According to IEC 80601-2-59 standard, temperature scanner devices should have basic safety and essential performance to be an effective non-contact, accurate and repeatable means of quickly screening individuals for fever. There is also an ISO standard namely ISO/TR 13154:2017 specifying the deployment, implementation and operational guidelines to minimize the spread of infectious diseases.
Fever Screening Non Contact


Due to the infectious nature of COVID19, you should NOT be in direct contact with anybody even during testing. Otherwise proper self-protection and disinfection of testing devices need to be done on every test.

Fever Screening Temperature

Accurate & Reliable

Fever detection system require high accuracy 0.5C or better in order to achieve an accurate result every time. Equipment accuracy above 0.5 is not effective for fever detection because it will lead to many false positive and false negative. .

Fever Screening Multiple People

Simultaneous screening

In an area where the flow of people is heavy, manual checking with a hand-held IR thermometer scanner is not practical and time-consuming. The latest technology allows multiple screening to be done for up to 20 people in one time and capture their picture automatically when fever is detected..

Fever Screening Fast Reading

Fast Reading

Current technology allows the reading to be done within a second. With the multi-screening system, the temperature is displayed on every faces being detected.

Our Fever Screening System Solutions

We offer a few ranges of solutions depending on the operation mode, the flow of people, accuracy and budgetary.

Infrared Temperature
Medical-grade IR Thermometer Scanner for a quick and simple human forehead and surface temperature measurement with a certificate from CE, ISO, ROHS, FDA, and accuracy of ±0.3C.
Face Recognition Thermal Camera
7” face recognition terminal & built-in thermal camera with attendance system integration. Super precise and fast fever screening up to 10 people simultaneously with distance from 0.4m ~ 1.5m with accuracy ±0.3°C
Economical Thermal Scanner
Mountable on a tripod and produce alarms when fever is detected. Only available for single person detection at one time and no face detection feature. It can be connected to a TV for a larger display with accuracy ±0.5°C
Infrared Fever Scanner
Multiple people fever screening up to 20 people simultaneously from 2-6 meter away, even among those wearing face masks without affecting people movement flow speed accuracy of less than ±0.3°C


Face Recognition Temperature Screening

How does it work?

Our Infrared Fever Screening system is composed of an IR ( thermal) camera and a black body. IR camera is composed of two cameras, one is the IR camera, which is used for as a temperature scanner; the other is a visible light camera, which is used for taking the picture and face recognization. The IR camera can collect the IR magnetic wave from the human body and display it by way of the thermal colors. For the reason that the carbon dioxide will absorb part of the IR magnetic wave when it is traveling in the air, so finally the IR magnetic wave will become damping, the measured temperature by IR camera will not be accurate enough. That is why the accuracy of the IR camera itself is very easy to be interfered by the environment.

Why is a black body important?

In order to achieve the best and accurate results over a long period of time, a black body must be introduced in the fever screening setup. Unlike thermal measurement in engineering or industrial purpose,  human body measurement (for fever detection) require less than ±0.5C in order to be useful. If such accuracy cannot be achieved, the practice is not more than taking visual thermal images with no purpose in detecting mild or high fever, an important symptom of Covid19 infection. Most industrial thermal imager, even though has much higher resolution (because the targeted application requirement) has only ±2C. The black body can work as the temperature calibrator and it can absorb all the electromagnetic radiation and no reflection of them, thus it can be used for the calibration on the IR camera. 

By comparing the preset temperature on the black body with the temperature measured by the IR thermal camera, the environment inference on the IR camera can be lowered and the accuracy of the IR camera will be improved. The larger the thermal capacity of the black body is, the effective radiation is bigger, then the temperature will be more easily to be stable in a different environment and thus the thermal balance can be kept. A connection is established between the IR camera and the black body, which will be instructed in the software part. The black body has to be switched on 20-30 minutes before starting the temperature measurement. The black body has to be mounted on tripod or ceiling mounted, close to the area which will be measured and it cannot be blocked by people who will be measured. Thus, the black body is suggested to be displayed on the left or right part of the IR camera view.

why black body sensor

Fever detection system

Problems that need attention:

1. The forehead is completely exposed to the outside of the body, and its surface temperature is not only affected by the internal temperature of the human body but also generally affected by many factors, such as the ambient temperature, airflow of mixing degree, blood circulation under the body surface, metabolism of the body, heat conduction on the body surface, heat exchange conditions and whether to smear chemicals. Therefore, it is a normal phenomenon to measure the temperature of the forehead surface of the human body, which is lower than that of the human body, which is generally recognized as 37 ℃ (axillary temperature, oral temperature, rectal temperature).

2. In the general room temperature environment, the forehead temperature range of the human body is: 34.7 ℃ ± 0.5 ℃.

3. The automatic on-line infrared thermal imager is different from the temperature in the human body measured by medical mercury thermometer. That is to say, the forehead temperature measured by this product can not be simply equal to about 37 ℃ which we usually know. When the product is used in large-scale fever screening, the most important role is to quickly screen out individuals whose body temperature is higher than that of normal people.

4. If over temperature personnel is found by screening, it is recommended that the tested personnel rest for 5-10 minutes first, and then use the full-automatic online infrared thermal imager for testing. If the result still shows overtemperature, it is recommended to use a mercury thermometer for accurate temperature, so as to determine the real temperature of the measured person.

Fever Detection System, perfect for identifying potentially ill persons.

fever screening camera

fever screening thermal camera