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LED Display Implementation for Cagamas Sdn Bhd 2022

Client : Cagamas Sdn Bhd | Project Date : 02-Jun-2022

Established in 1986, Cagamas Berhad (Cagamas) is recognized as the National Mortgage Corporation of Malaysia. It was founded with the primary objective of promoting widespread home ownership and fostering the growth of the secondary mortgage market within the country. Over the years, Cagamas has played a pivotal role in supporting the Malaysian housing sector.

Previously, Cagamas utilized a 98″ monitor as part of their control system. However, to enhance their display capabilities, they partnered with [Your Company Name] to implement an advanced LED wall display. The new LED wall boasts a pixel pitch of 1.58 and dimensions of 2400 x 1440mm, providing a visually stunning and immersive experience. Additionally, the finishing design was customized to meet Cagamas’ specific requirements, ensuring a seamless integration with their surroundings.

To effectively manage the display, a state-of-the-art controller was incorporated into the system. This controller supports multiple input sources, offering enhanced versatility and ease of use. With this advanced technology in place, Cagamas gains greater control over the content displayed on the LED wall, allowing them to efficiently showcase important information to their stakeholders.

The implementation of the new LED wall display and controller aligns with Cagamas’ commitment to leveraging cutting-edge solutions to fulfill their mission. By embracing advanced display technology, Cagamas aims to facilitate the accessibility of housing finance and contribute to the growth and stability of the Malaysian housing market.

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